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Crash on save state - claude13112001 - 07-13-2015 04:19 PM

Hi all,

Maybe you remember me,maybe not,if not it's probably because I haven't any problem with this great emulator since now. I am trying to play all GTA 3 era games 100% which LCS and VCS are parts of too so i play them (just LCS for now) on your emulator. The problem is that when I save state,the emulator crashes and I have to reload it and save state many times,but when it saves once,then for that play session (until quiting the game) it doesn't crash,but the next time,it's the same. It never happened when I played on versions under 1.0 and before my bigger "pause" with the emulator. But now,I also tried older versions and it happens in them too now. I don't know aby it's happening,maybe it's because of my settings? I'll post them later (along with anythingy needed, that you'll ask me for to solve the problem) and some screens if you'll need them,but I am writing from mobile now + if the section's wrong please move my thread to the right one.

Thanks Smile

EDIT: I know it'll probably have to be in the game's thread but I think it's more emulator related and also they will not find it in the game's thread easily or they'll just not answer me. :/
Any response is appreciated.

RE: Crash on save state - claude13112001 - 07-14-2015 01:35 PM

Don't want to be "bad" but can someone answer already? I am starting to hate the crashing :/ (even that I hate it all the time)