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Homebreds Are Unusable? - retroidgameoid - 05-21-2015 08:37 PM

For some annoying reason, EVERY homebrew game I could find or want to play is an EBOOT.pbp or something like that, games such as (OpenMugen, Halo Revamped, and others). For so.e strange reason, none of them are able to run on PPSSPP Gold for android. Does anyone know how to get them to work?

They aren't packaged as an ISO, so I have no idea how to make them playable, any suggestions?

Homebrews* some*

Sorry, my autocorrect went AWOL.

RE: Homebreds Are Unusable? - ZeroX4 - 05-23-2015 04:58 AM

did u place them in correct folder and DID NOT rename eboot?

there they should be placed

and folder name should be name of game or whatever u want but eboot.pbp should remain un-renamed

for example




and so go on