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RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - xenofears - 10-10-2014 11:27 PM

I keep trying to play this game, but it is just too hard on the phone for me... and the game just kind of throws you into the gameplay.

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - emmaus - 10-11-2014 06:33 AM

finished it on phone in about 22hour

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - Singh2004 - 10-13-2014 04:27 PM


I'm currently playing this on android and the screen freezes on chapter 6. The part where Kusami warns of a pins or attack. The game goes to the party customisation screen but freezes. Has anyone experienced this before? Great game would love to sort it.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - nicohuhuru - 10-14-2014 12:45 AM

hi i just downloaded the game and im on on ppsspp gold. please can someone give me good settings for Android. i got Acer a500. the problem is when im playing the game i get this blinking black screen On and Off. Thanks and God Bless.

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RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - denslife16 - 10-14-2014 06:29 AM

uncheck auto frameskip

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - Singh2004 - 10-16-2014 05:59 AM

Does anyone have any idea in regards to why it's freezing at that point?

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - LunaMoo - 10-16-2014 09:58 AM

@Singh2004 if you mean the part on a bridge - that's a silly problem someone had before, basically before every mission(unless you set it to never ask you again, in which case you will find that setting from game menu->system->settings->multiplayer) you have 3 choices:
- single player with your own party,
- sinle player with random NPC invaders,
- multiplayer with another user.

Never pick the "user" unless you actually are connected to a server and trying to get someone to invade your world, because:
- you will get less save crystals,
- game will automatically skip cutscenes(a pity if you played the game that way from the start:|),
- it does endlessly wait for a connection with server in one or two multi-stage missions causing the freeze which you got.:]

So yeah, setting multiplayer to none or npc invaders will help you, probably can do it from menu during mission without having to restart the mission. You could also run an adhoc server and connect to it, but it shouldn't be needed.

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - Singh2004 - 10-16-2014 01:52 PM

Cheers for the help LunaMoo. Yep unfortunately it is on the bridge and I'm on user. As soon as I move forward it takes me to the character customisation and freezes. I was using save states on ppsspp, on the state prior to taking said step I tried changing to none but it still freezes. I'll try using my save state and re doing the mission up until that point. Hope it works. Given that I've probably missed quite a few cutscenes I'll probably replay anyway.

Thanks again.

Final Fantasy Type 0 - DarkJak - 10-20-2014 08:41 AM

Is this game any good, I thought I would ask before getting it.
Big Grin

RE: Final Fantasy Type 0 - cybercjt - 10-20-2014 09:00 AM

Very Good Big Grin

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - vnctdj - 10-20-2014 09:27 AM


Final Fantasy Type-0 (English Patch by SkyBladeCloud) - .dsk. - 10-28-2014 04:40 PM

The game runs, infact fairly well. After the initial movie sequence and the game play starts I had to modify the graphics settings and it runs smoothly.

However, after playing past the elevator and last few inroduction fight scenes, the story breaks away to the second movie cut scene (which slightly lags due to modified graphics). Then, it tries to go back to resume game play and crashes PPSSPP every time in the same place. It won't go past that.

Nexus 7 2013
Carbon KK 4.4.4
PPSSPP 9.9.1

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - vnctdj - 10-28-2014 05:52 PM


RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - .dsk. - 10-29-2014 12:00 AM

Hmmmm... what settings are you using?

RE: Final Fantasy Type-0 - ogami - 11-01-2014 04:39 AM

I have an dell notebook, and my ppsspp crash at random time playing that occur only at ff-0, my card is gma hd 4000
any tips?