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1.0 to savestate not loading - Grimmnyr - 02-13-2015 06:02 AM

I mainly use ppsspp for mhp3rd. There's an issue with using save states that prevents you from being able to hard save in game. 0.9 is also less buggy for the online portion of this game (using evolve). I tried copying the files over but get a failed to load error on the older version.

Is there any fix to either of these issues (not being able to hard save "memory stick not inserted error", or copying my save state to the older version)?

RE: 1.0 to savestate not loading - [Unknown] - 02-13-2015 07:10 AM

It will never work to go backwards. Savestates can be upgraded but not downgraded. You'll need a copy of the savestate from before you saved one in 1.0.

The memory stick issue is caused by savestates basically being a time-travel device. You saved in game, and then loaded a savestate from before when you saved in game. Then when you go to save, the game sees the savedata on the memory stick from the future, and freaks out.

The best solution to this is to savestate immediately whenever you save in game. Make sure you never load a savestate from before saving in game.

Unfortunately, this is how the game works, and also how it works on a PSP (you could probably replicate it on a real PSP by using the CFW pspstates kai plugin or something), so there's probably never going to be a fix for it.