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PSP games on IOS. - Jayce - 12-25-2014 09:08 AM


1.) I'll just ask if there's a way for downloading psp games on ios gadgets without connecting to PC. I'm doing the normal way of just copying games from PC to my IOS folders using iFunbox but my PC got broken recently hence the question.

2.) Is there an option or a trick where you can delete psp games without the use of PC?

Thanks in advance, and sorry i'm quite new to these things. Sad

RE: PSP games on IOS. - Zaknafein777 - 12-27-2014 01:38 PM

iFile is a great app for manipulating files and folders on your iPhone. I think it's shareware now on cydia (could be wrong).

RE: PSP games on IOS. - Jayce - 02-18-2015 05:23 AM

Oh thanks. For a follow up question.

Let's say, I downloaded and play a psp game (Disgaea 1) for example and made 2 save datas. (Both on game's save files and state data)

So the question is can i still load the game save data when i delete the game and re download the game again? (This time from other group or site)

And I know asking for a site where you can download is forbidden in the forums, so can you pm me a good download site for psp usa games (ulus) because some of the game i download has a graphic difficulty (a side of the game screen is blurred etc.) even with the right settings while others games are fine.
Thanks in advance and for the effort you'll do.

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