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PPSSPP > MOGAVK > Android - .dsk. - 10-28-2014 04:32 PM

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Henrik and his team for making some of the best emulation software.

I have Moga VK and PPSSPP installed on my Android Nexus 7 2013. Although I am not having any major problems with the setup or running games (other than a few which I will list in another thread.) However, I am curious about setup options that may or may not be included.

1.) I would like to be able to control my Andoid UI with my controller (if possible.) Supposedly Moga Universal Driver does this but I can't even get it to detect my controller at all. I've tried to install Android UI as a user application but it seems to be impossible. It seems that the Moga VK only controls user apps and not system apps.

2.) The other issue I have with the Moga controller, I'm not sure if it is from MogaVK or PPSSPP is that toggling the speed with anything other than the d-pad results in a flash of alternate then back to standard speed. When I configure it to run off the d-pad it conflicts with the left analog. So, as I am moving with the analog it changes speeds. If I press the corresponding d-pad button it toggles the speed normally. All buttons are mapped individually in MogaVK.

RE: PPSSPP > MOGAVK > Android - fivefeet8 - 10-28-2014 09:14 PM

Which Moga controller do you have? I have a Moga Hero and it works fine with the Android UI and apps if I use the HID mode(B).

RE: PPSSPP > MOGAVK > Android - .dsk. - 10-28-2014 10:22 PM

I have the Pro Power. You know, I feel like a big doof right now. I never put it in mode B (mainly because Moga is a bit misleading about HID limitations and modeA is 'better'.) Anyway, it fixed both problems. Now I have the UI and dont get flickering speed changes. Great for me because my screen is slightly cracked in the wrong place and lost touch. Ive been using Mobizen and Dragon to control it and just use it as a PPSSPP monitor. haha

Thanks for the tip. I would have never put it in modeB.