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maybe a better browser Maxthon - ZeroX4 - 09-25-2014 08:45 AM

so few days ago i was downloading online game named firefall it had like 9 gb and i wanted to play
with my friend critical strike portable which is browser port of counter strike 1.6

and i was afraid that if browser crash i will lose my download so i did go to google
to search for some lightweight browser so on 1 i download FF on other i play CSP

and so i found this

(before i say more i just wanna point that im not affected with maxthon any other way
than being a normal user like every 1 else so im not advertising their product
i just wanna share with you all what i see in it)

this browser is ultra fast i found it the best one of which i have
(from chrome firefox opera and opera(old with build-in email client) portable)

for example on fb scrolling their page is ultra smooth and maxthon load pages really fast
+ on fb you can hover over video with cursor to play perview it will only load perview
not full movie and it will do it instantly

but best feature i found there are MULTIPLE TABS in (speed dial/quick launch/quick start
or as the maxthon creators named it NEW TAB)

looks like this

[Image: Qtt41E0.png]

tabs are on the bottom
by clicking twice on tab you can rename it (or rightclick to rename or remove)
and each tab have 12 slots for sites
you can have in tottal 9 tabs
so you can have quick access to like 108 sites ?
to add new tab you just click that + icon on lower right
you need to have at last 1 slot on last tab with site to add new tab
after you added tab you can remove sites from slot and tab wont dissapear

here you have main menu options
from here you can choose settings where you select bar tabs behavior
or starting page e.t.c.
language of your choice
extensions (i found add on that allows me to download whole page to PDF
but maxthon have option when right clicking any page to save whole www page to image
which is usefull for lets say tutorials or something you wanna save just to view it later)
VIEW hovering over it will bring sub menu where you can select what you wanna
to be placed on browser
and skins well they are more like themes but its more than enough for your personal customizations

[Image: z7dzH8Z.png]

in new tab or as i call it speed dial
you can select background image (even to your own) or color
set that if site is opened from it will it open in new tab or in the same
(more tab options are placed in settings> bar tab where you choose
if new tab open on the end or next to active one and closing tab will active last actived
or next to the left tab)

or option to view page color/tittle or page screenshot

and at buttom bar you have some nice options which should help you
cause they are just nice to have there

[Image: KwZc12Z.png]

in skin options you can change image for whole gui or just pick a color you can even select
your own image and choose between two types of display of top bar where tabs can be on top
and address bar is below them or other way around

[Image: RAGMwT5.png]

maxthon have many more options i just covered few of them
it have pretty big library of extensions/add ons well i grabbed few games Big Grin

the only 2 complains i can have to this browser is that it dont have integrated
mail client which would be just perfect

and 2nd is that i cant find option to change browser
to download mp3 when clicked cause it will just play it in the browser
but you can always right click and save as

other than that i see only + in everything this browser have to offer

im not telling any 1 you should switch to maxthon
im just saying that after i downloaded it for 1 game it finds out that
its pretty fast stable and good browser with good features
and its at last worth a try Wink

but do not install it to dont make mess on ur pc
on maxthon site you have portable version of it which you just extract from zip or zip7 i dont remember

why portable? cause programs should not be installed they should be used
and like in ppsspp im more happy to copy folder to pendrive and move it over other pc
with MY personal settings rather than searching for setting ssaving it
and pasting over after installation on different machine

this way when ur done with maxthon you can just delete its folder and there will be
no change or trace of maxthon on ur pc

so again here is download page

dont click download click more features instead

[Image: UPCmiTD.png]

and just choose portable version to download

[Image: x1OEBz2.png]

as a one tip i can give you to thing with which i had most problems
is that maxthon is good with saving logins and passwords
TOO GOOD cause even clearing personal data didnt remove my logins and password
from sites it just logged me out but my login and password stay hidden behind •••••

but i just needed to go to maxthons settings and disable magic fill

i just hope this browser will give you as much as it gived to me

RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - heiwasan - 09-25-2014 10:55 AM

It really seems interesting! I think I’m going to have to test myself to see if it’ll work okay in the websites I usually use. Thanks for the advice!

RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - ZeroX4 - 09-25-2014 11:04 AM

(09-25-2014 10:55 AM)heiwasan Wrote:  It really seems interesting! I think I’m going to have to test myself to see if it’ll work okay in the websites I usually use. Thanks for the advice!

well i have 2,5ghz quad core 4gb ram and 1gb gfx card and believe or not on other browsers many pages (those with flash/adds) do not move smooth

the hell with that even on google where sometimes GOOGLE name is replaced with some animation is not going to smooth its choppy idk

and imagine my frustration when i go to my gf and on her laptop GOD DAMN LAPTOP which have like 1 gb ram 1,7ghz and integrated gfx card which have 256 or 512mb every flash animation and every page on any browser just run so smooth i cant believe it

but in maxthon on my pc it works just as on her its like now i have 100fps in every moving animation on any web page not to mention web sites alone move ultra smooth

so for sure this is worth a try even more you can just delete portable version without leaving sh!7 on ur pc if you did not like it

RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - [Unknown] - 09-25-2014 04:52 PM

This browser has been around for years and years (at least since before 2005 iirc.) As it says, it uses Webkit (basically, it's a slightly modified version of Webkit and incorporates some changes from Chrome's Blink.) It also uses Trident (in other words, Internet Explorer) automatically based on some heuristics, or at least used to.

But yeah, its selling point is a kitchen sink. I wonder, it's probably more popular than Seamonkey, which might actually be less featureful anyway.


RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - ZeroX4 - 09-25-2014 05:39 PM

i see seen it first time in my life few days ago lol

RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - JuissiFIN - 09-26-2014 12:33 PM

I have used this on android, but i think chrome is better.

RE: maybe a better browser Maxthon - ZeroX4 - 09-26-2014 05:39 PM

(09-26-2014 12:33 PM)JuissiFIN Wrote:  I have used this on android, but i think chrome is better.

well better

for me old opera is better cause it have integrated mail client

but also for me maxthon is better cause its faster

its all about what we are willing to sacrifice to get smething

thats why i named title MAYBE

for me now speed is essential so its better than chrome cause on my pc maxthon load pages faster and have more options i like

but i would love someone to make browser where you can add options and features which r not included by default but they exist on developers site to for download to implement to your browser that would be best browser

other than that is just our personal opinions