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PPSSPP Settings Android Droid Maxx - Redhawk05 - 09-22-2014 05:14 PM

So I bought the gold version to support the developers after I heard all of the great reviews. I have a Droid Maxx Android phone which is a fast phone:

Dual Core CPU 1.7 Ghz, Quad Core GPU 400 Mhz, 2 GB RAM

I started playing Dungeon Siege and Persona 3, and the video skips, and the sound is constantly stuttering also. I saw there's a settings thread, but I was wondering if I could get customized settings' recommendations for my phone, and for the PPSSPP version I have which is v0.9.9.1 Gold.


- Dave

RE: PPSSPP Settings Android Droid Maxx - fivefeet8 - 09-22-2014 05:25 PM

The sticky thread for Android configuration is probably your best shot. There aren't that many specific things you can do to speed up the emulation on most android devices. They simply aren't powerful enough to run most games without frameskipping or they have driver issues that prevent them from doing so. The few games that do run without frameskipping work amazing though.

For example, my Note 3 still struggles with most games without frameskip. That has better specs than the Droid Maxx.