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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - LunaMoo - 08-11-2014 02:14 PM

I'm quite suprised this game didn't had it's own thread here yetTongue.

Anyway althrough it feels a bit spammy on my part, I also ported this for 2ndG as well, since it might help someone:
_C0 Synchronize save
_L 0x200C2EB0 0x00C31821
_L 0x200C2EB4 0x8C65A0E0
_L 0x200C2ECC 0x8C64A0E4
_C0 Synchronize save[disable]
_L 0x200C2EB0 0x8C850980
_L 0x200C2EB4 0x00C31821
_L 0x200C2ECC 0x8C840984
This is basically a total and absolute fix for "Memory card not inserted" problem, you can link this post to anyone having this problem, it's safe to use and even allows saving character between different saves since it can synchronize savestate with ANY save;3.

& yeah after porting this code to soo many MH games I do feel like a ctrl+C, ctrl+V spammer now. xD

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - vnctdj - 08-11-2014 03:06 PM

Thank you for adding codes for this game, I will update this thread Smile