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help with the ppsspp - or33or33 - 07-28-2014 05:50 PM

hello im kinda new at this and i was seeing a problem the first time I open it,im not really good at English so I will happy for some help.
im not really good at computers 2.
the first I open was saying
"Insufficient OpneGL driver support detected!
tour PGU reports that it does not support OpenGL 2.0,which is currentky required for ppsspp to run.
please check that your GPU is compatible with OpenGL 2.0 if it is,you need to find and install nre graphics drivers from your GPU vendor's website.
visit the forums at (the link of this web) for more information."

well..yeah,i will happy for some help Smile

RE: help with the ppsspp - vsub_ - 07-28-2014 06:23 PM

And you don't believe what the message say or you don't understand it.
OGL 2.0 is hardware feature(it's not something that you can download)of your video card and if your video card don't support it,you won't be able to use ppsspp

What is your video card.