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New releases on Playbook - linkuan64 - 07-24-2014 12:13 PM

Well... Hi. I have a BB Playbook and know that it can't run above the 0.7.4 version. So, my question is, if I install the beta of the BB10 firmware, Will it both install and run?

Sorry for my english, i'm latino..Big Grin

RE: New releases on Playbook - xsacha - 07-29-2014 07:05 PM

Well, no. It's compiled for OS10.2. The beta is OS10.0.

You'd need to compile PPSSPP using the OS10 Beta SDK (which should technically work).

However, the OS10 beta is *extremely* buggy on Playbook.

RE: New releases on Playbook - strawmapleza - 09-24-2014 11:34 AM

Hey xsacha sorry to revive this once more.

I know that 0.7.4 is the last build for Playbook (and I'm fine with that), except for one thing, this build creates a read-only folder (the PSP SaveData folder) which really limits the amount of games you can play as the installer fails 9/10 times and we could easily copy the data across for a few games which would work.

Could this please be looked at ? I really don't need a newer version this version is fine, just a way to be able to copy to and from that folder, as now I have a 800mb (failed install) bin file stuck in a folder that I can do nothing about.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this if you do Smile

Kind Regards

RE: New releases on Playbook - xsacha - 09-25-2014 06:22 AM

OK, to fix the file permissions issue, I had to modify a line in native/Common/FileUtil.cpp

if (mkdir(path.c_str(), 0775) == 0)
if (mkdir(path.c_str(), 0755) == 0)

If you have the Playbook SDK, you can check out version 0.7.4, make this change and compile.
Otherwise I will find some time to download the Playbook SDK. It would help if you could find a download for this still available somewhere.


RE: New releases on Playbook - [Unknown] - 09-25-2014 04:54 PM

IMHO 775 ought to be fine for everyone. Android might even start requiring this same sort of change at some point.

On Linux, it'd only be a "problem" if you were in let's say "staff" as your primary group and had another person who commonly used the computer and liked to muck with your personal files. Not sure that's a high risk, heh.