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Problem: My laptop got slower - Qazs99 - 07-16-2014 12:55 PM

hi, before using ppsspp my laptop start up and shut down like a charm but now after installing ppsspp and playing games (ff crisis core and dissidia 012) it takes longer to start up and to shut down also (again with starting up and shutting down) the screen goes off then I have to keep pressing the power button which affect my laptop badly.

Please any help?

RE: Problem: My laptop got slower - Bigpet - 07-16-2014 01:19 PM

I can't really come up with a good reason as to why that could be correlated with ppsspp. Are you sure you didn't install anything else (I would think that the vc++ runtime has more of an effect here than ppsspp itself), also have you tried using a system restore point from prior to installing ppsspp?

RE: Problem: My laptop got slower - Qazs99 - 07-18-2014 02:17 AM

Thanks Bigpet. I read your post 2 days ago, did the system restore point and so far so good. I restored it to the point when I installed ppsspp and before I install Motioninjoy and motioninjoy was causing this mess.