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RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Jadus Valentino - 08-17-2015 06:29 AM

Looks like the text issue is still problematic.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Neikiddo - 09-04-2015 06:05 PM

Just recently redownloaded ppsspp 1.0.1. Loaded up Jeanne D' Arc just fine, before it was the issue with the sprites not showing up in battle (game play moving on their own, they would). Everything is runnign fine now, its great. But after the first battle, after the animated scene with the little prince and it goes back to showing Jeanne with a black background. It crashes right there.

Dell XPS 15
Windows 10 64 bit
8gb Ram
Intel Core i5 2.50 ghz

I didn't mess with any settings when i downloaded ppsspp, so it all should be defaulted already.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - heiwasan - 10-08-2015 10:16 PM

@Neikiddo, just turn off fast memory and it should work fine!

By the way, there is any configuration to show the world map or it is still black?

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Deathman00789 - 11-05-2015 04:47 AM

I'm having major graphics issues it seems. I changed most settings and nothign seems to fix these problems. Any fix for this?

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - [Unknown] - 11-05-2015 05:44 AM

Make sure you're using "buffered rendering". Try resetting your settings to defaults.

What video card do you have?


RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Deathman00789 - 11-09-2015 10:12 PM

(11-05-2015 05:44 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Make sure you're using "buffered rendering". Try resetting your settings to defaults.

What video card do you have?

Restoring to default fixed that problem but now the text in game is funky.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - [Unknown] - 11-10-2015 01:19 AM

The way this game renders text, it expects the font to have very specific properties. Unfortunately, the free font that ships with PPSSPP doesn't match these well enough. If you pull the fonts from your PSP (said font is NOT free), it will look like it does on a PSP.


RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Deathman00789 - 11-12-2015 05:42 AM

Thanks that worked~

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - mustard.seed - 11-18-2015 09:22 AM


Just letting you guys know

I'm not sure if this is new to you or not
This game works on PPSSPP v1.1.1 for windows
The only problem is the game continuously lags after a while

Thank you guys so much for making a great psp emulator!

Anyways I'm really greatful for what you've done so far
Whether you plan on continuing this work or not I am gratefulBig Grin

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - WaDisMaD - 02-24-2016 07:39 AM

Hi all.

Just want to notify you all that Jean D'ark work's fine on my LG G3. It's a bit stuttering so I just put the frame skip on 2. The text is a bit out of place but readable. And you can see all the characters. So far so good.

On the newest ppsspp on Windows Jean D'ark works 100% except for the text still looks a bit funny. Otherwise no problems.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - heiwasan - 04-27-2016 12:53 PM

Hey Mr. Unknown, can you help me? It’s just me or the world map is black screen? My phone is an Xperia ZL. Dosen1t matter what I do, the map just don’t show up.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Rageous - 03-18-2017 05:32 AM

I'm using PPSSPP 1.3 in windows and characters are kinda partially rendered. It's worse when you're in combat because they're just plain invisible. I've tried tweaking every settings and there's just no luck. I've tried using 1.2.2 and no luck either. My drivers are already updated and I don't think updating is gonna help me either. I've read the previous reply and it seem this game is pretty broken.

It's been a while since the last reply and I have no idea if anyone has a fix for this game. Please help.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - LunaMoo - 03-18-2017 06:43 AM

If your graphics drivers are up to date, then it just means your gpu is too old.
This game(and few others with similar problem) will only work correctly with more modern hardware supporting at least GLES/OGL 3.0+. When using latest versions of ppsspp D3D11 will also work.

RE: Jeanne d'Arc - Rageous - 03-22-2017 02:21 AM

D3D11 works wonders. It helped so much! Thank you!
Nice to see ppsspp having D3D11 backend. On the other hand, my framerate is on the corner getting beaten to death. Time to get a new gpu I guess...

Still not working for me - HalfSaneFox - 06-22-2017 12:04 AM

Everything but charactors load correctly. newest version available of ppsspp. i don't know many specs of my computer but i'ts less than four years old and its drivers and graphics card are brand new.