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having trouble with multiplayer - BongBoy - 07-06-2014 12:06 PM

i was wondering if anybody could help me out. i've been trying to play God Eater Burst or Monster Hunter P3rd with my buddy. but i cant seem to connect from 1 pc with ppsspp to another pc with ppsspp to play adhoc multiplayer. i followed a bunch of tutorials and i still can't get it to work.

here's my process
1: i connect both PCs to hamachi, set up a group, both computers show the other with a green icon.

2: i copy the hamachi ip of pc1 into the .ini file of both computers. i change pc1's mac address to be different from pc2.

3: with pc1 i open adhoc pro server then load ppsspp and start the game with both computers.

4: i navigate through the in-game menus with both PCs and try to initiate multiplayer (with monster hunter i go to the guild hall and with geb i go to continue multiplayer or whatever)

the problem is only the host computer (PC1) enters the guild hall in MH or starts a lobby in GEB. PC2 gets an in-game connection error whenever trying to get into the guild hall or lobby. and the cmd prompt from adhoc pro server only shows the ip from PC1(the host). i tried using PC2 as host but i get the same results, only the host can enter lobby or guild hall. and the other pc gets an in-game error and doesnt show up at all on adhoc server's cmd prompt window. i can supply any more information if needed. any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated.

here's some other info
wlan IS enabled through the emulator settings on both computers
both computers are using ppsspp v0.9.8
the game iso's both computers are using are identical
both computers are running windows 7
pc1 is a desktop pc2 is a laptop
i made sure to set windows firewall to allow hamachi, adhocserver, and ppsspp on both computers

also as a side note, is it possible to do this with an ethernet cable connected from one computer to the other? i tried the same process but swapped out hamachi ip with the static ip set up on my ethernet but i got the same results. host can get in but the other computer can't connect.

RE: having trouble with multiplayer - barbanium - 07-06-2014 01:43 PM

Read the checklist I made:

It might help you. Big Grin

RE: having trouble with multiplayer - BongBoy - 07-06-2014 06:10 PM

(07-06-2014 01:43 PM)barbanium Wrote:  Read the checklist I made: ttp://

It might help you. Big Grin

i went over your checklist and i got the newest version of the emulator. the version i was using didn't have the proAdhocServer Address under System>Networking option. i utilized that and ended up disabling the firewall on both computers now i finally got it to work. monster hunter works fine but now i have to figure out how to get god eater burst to work. the 2nd computer gets stuck in a connecting loading screen after starting a session from a lobby and looses connection in the adhoc server window. any suggestions?

thanks for your reply it helped me out a ton

RE: having trouble with multiplayer - barbanium - 07-06-2014 06:19 PM

If my checklist didn't help with your Gods Eater Burst problem, then I can't provide any solution for you anymore as I don't play the game.

Maybe try to find a solution here: Big Grin