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Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - ExodusReality - 02-27-2013 01:19 PM

Format : ISO
Version : v0.6-760-g76b0467
Game ID : NPJH50567
OS : Win
Compatability : Can get the Main Menu, Pressing new game makes it Stick on the Now Loading Screen. If what i think is right, A save would get it past the New game load screen. and into the misson select. Just like the ArtDink Gundam games.(Croncile and Universe).

Not able to Post a Video nor Screen shots. Its just a Now loading screen. Forever and ever lol

RE: Pre 0.7 | Windows | Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - livisor - 02-27-2013 02:39 PM

This isn't ingame then,moved.

RE: Pre 0.7 | Windows | Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - ExodusReality - 03-15-2013 12:51 AM




Now the game Loads and runs so far No crashes.

Graphical errors Galore but. Playable!

Can't save sadly. But it is totally Playable.

RE: Pre 0.7 | Windows | Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - aki21 - 03-15-2013 04:14 AM

Try another century too,it like gundam games(well there's gundam in this games),playable,i have post the thread before.lolSmile,i very like gundam games including super robot taisen series,hey it srt,have a thread been post somewhere?

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - Sazer - 05-29-2013 05:48 AM

The graphic still error on the latest version ppsspp, i hope they can fix this soon, because i want to play this game

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - the emu master - 06-07-2013 09:08 PM

Hey can someone fix the graphics n the gundam age games thanks for the fun Big Grin

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - LunaMoo - 10-23-2013 11:31 AM

Why this still sits in "menu, Intro" when was already said as playable?Tongue

Anyway I can confirm the game is fully playable.

Some notes however must be added about it's glitches:
- sound loops when loading a savestate unless it was done during FMV - recommend to only use normal saves and savestates during movies,
- character graphics are "swallowed" by the background when not in move - this can be fixed fully by "Always depth write" hack,
- objects which are rendered later(checked by GE debugger) gets on top of everything else meaning characters looks as walking over stuff instead of behind them, jets from jetpack visible from the front, weapons visible from the back etc. - unfortunately no fix for this one,
- no background at all during conversations - not soo troublesome really;p - might be related to character disappearing under background, but hack doesn't help for this.

Other than those it works great and looks pretty nice as well:
[Image: iFC8tC8csHHFs.jpg]

Here's what shows in the log:

Also other AGE game released at same time should be added to compatibility list and linked to this thread ~ "Gundam AGE Universe Accel" the reason it should be done like that, because they're sister games, both of them have few extras, but other than that it's exactly same game with same problems this can be compared to pokemon games for example;p, different colors of game released at same time for different pokemons, but exactly same game as well. In this game same thing was done with available Gundams, no other changes, it really has no reason to be included as separate thread. I can confirm it works same well/bad(depending how much you get bothered with their glitches;o), even errors/warnings in the log are same when done in same place.

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - Henrik - 10-23-2013 11:54 AM

Moving to Ingame because it requires hacks to be playable Smile

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - GuilhermeGS2 - 11-22-2013 04:57 PM

any news?

*updating compatibility list.

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - neongenesis1 - 12-04-2013 10:32 AM

stuck at loading screen any updates on this?

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - LunaMoo - 12-04-2013 12:56 PM

Loads fine for me in the latest version, unfortunately the graphic issue cannot be fixed with a hack anymore so older version has to be used. Gonna check which version changed how the hack affects it. Last I used in which hack fixed graphics as I mentioned above was ~ v0.9.5-500.
By checking exactly~.
Ok last one where "Always depth write" hack helped was v0.9.5-837 so:
v0.9.5-838-g33efffe    Henrik Rydgard    2013-12-03 11:27:31    When blending (and we thus can't use stencil-to-alpha in frag shader), always write zero to alpha.It seems the PSP doesn't blend in the alpha channel.Reduces glow problems in Gods Eater Burst and Wipeout - although Wipeout loses some glowthat should be there.
This commit onward leaves us with invisible characters and no way to fix it anymore. It does, run and load just fine through so @neongenesis1 ~ your problem is most likely caused by corrupted files/iso.

Edit: not sure about exact revision, but the hack works again in new 9.6-x versions, to be exact before I forget used now v9.6-63.Smile
So to sum it up again:
- use "Always depth write" hack to show up the characters, which still leave some graphical glitches related to depth, ie stuff showing over things while should be behind it,
- use only normal saves(savestates do work, but loading them can leave looping sound, it most of the time doesn't happen if savestate was done during FMV),
- there is no background during conversations(characters show up on black screen).
Additional info:
-Software mode actually does fix the depth issues fully, and characters do show up even without the hack, missing background is still present, it's also terribly demanding in most scenesTongue and have other graphical glitches which aren't present in hardware rendering like awfuly broken menu textures and some stretched out textures or polygons showing in game ocassionally.

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - LunaMoo - 01-14-2014 02:05 AM

Slight bump with some great news, tested it on v0.9.6-429-g194a5f9:
The graphics are fixed now and does not require any hacks:
Not sure which revision exactly fixed it, it might had been fixed by same fix which was made for Jeanne d'Arc, so decent OGL/GLES support is probably required to actually see the fix althrough I don't have anything older to check it myself.
Background during some conversations still get's replaced by black screen, but it was never bothersome, other than that the graphics seem perfect. I use miku shader for it as for most anime-like games, so it'll probably look slightly different on my screenshots, but it's thereSmile.
Same applies to Gundam AGE Universe Accel, it's exactly same game with different gundams, so it doesn't have nor require different thread.

Guess it could be moved to playable games subforum now.

And thanks for fixing^_^, game looks much better now than previously with a hack(no more awful deepth issues, yay!<3).

Edit: Played through whole game now with partial english patch(it has quite a few typos, missing or extra letters etc;p), got to 10 rank in Cross-Play missions, it's not MH so adhoc obviously doesn't work meaning there's no way to unlock one last and somewhat secret mission in this mode nor enjoy it with friends to begin with, but other than that the game was fully playableSmile.

Ages later edit since nobody else posted: Apparently the black background during dialogues was fixed by reading framebuffers to memory, since using the new optional setting called "Simulate Block Transfer" makes the background show up correctly in those scenes using buffered rendering mode, just make sure it's on before you start the gameSmile. So yeah the only reason this game is not officially playable is the OGL/GLES 3.0 requirement, if you do have such device ~ basically any pc with dedicated gpu and few better mobiles the game is pretty much perfectly playable now not counting adhoc ofc;].
~Also from v0.9.8-903-g8b0043a loading a savestate doesn't cause sound looping anymore, yaySmile.

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - karry299 - 06-23-2014 06:25 AM

>the game was fully playable

There is still the fundamental problem of it being based on awful Gundam Age series Big Grin

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - yuureinoou - 11-17-2014 10:06 AM

using ppsspp - 866 windows x86

I just start playing.
I can see people normaly as long I not checklist "Disable slower effect (speedup)"

but when in dialogue, the background is black. my computer opengl is 2.1 (Intel HD Graphics)

still haven't try battle though

btw how do you post image directly in post:
I post like (without space and *) :
[ IMG]htt*p://[/IMG ]
[ IMG]htt*p://[/IMG ]

and it shows eror "You cannot post clickable links to this forum threads and posts."

RE: Gundam Age Cosmic Drive - aesoh - 01-09-2015 04:00 PM

is this game still unplayable on D3D9 backend?