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Tactil panel tablet pc - Sytre - 05-03-2014 10:34 PM

Hi, I'm Sytre and I'm new of this forum. I discovered your emulator and it's amazing. But I got a little problem while testing it.

I downloaded it and I runned "patapon 1" and it's ok and runs perfect.
The problem is that my pc it's a tablet pc (asus t100). I tried to toggle the tactil panel, but it works a bit bad. I have to press any button twice for making it work (and for patapon it's something horrible). Just works with the joystick, that's why I wonder it.

I have read a post in french explaining that problem. I just want to know if i'ts fixed or has a near future fix, and I don't want "revive" the post, sorry.

Anyway I'm very glad of your emulator and I'll support it very pleased. Congrats for your work.

PS: Certainly I write very badly, I'm spanish and of course I'm not shakespeare.

Greetings Big Grin