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[SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10 - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 01:25 AM

Hi all..recently i got a save issue at monster hunter portable 3rd.

At the first time its ok to play the game,save state,leave the app to do some work,reply message.and then go back to the game and continue hunting.

But lately,when i save state in the middle of mission,i cant save normally anymore(not save state) it said that "the memory stick ~b10 use to start this game is not inserted".

Help,is there a way to fix this,because I play in my workplace,so i cant go straight for 1 long hunt,I usually go out from the game to reply message,save state.

It just wont save normally anymore like the 1st time

Ps:i didnt do any change to my phone lately

I am really happy that psp emu can run this game smoothly,i played 40 hr this 3 weeks,its so portable and can be played anywhere.soo,i am very sad to get this saving issue,please help..

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot inserted" - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 01:57 AM

This is not really a saving issue, it's a very bothersome feature of MH games. The game basically allows to save only on previously saved save, it's basically synchronizing what it has in psp memory with save saved on memstick. Savestates are more or less memory dumps, so if you do something like:
- save the game normally,
- save the game using savestate.
Doesn't matter which one you load next time the game will be fine, but if you do something like:
- save the game using savestate,
- save the game normally.
The game memory keept in savestate will be desynchronized with actual save, so if running the game next time you load it using that savestate you'll break it;p. This actually happens in quite a few other games(for example both LoA) in which deleting old save is enough to fix, unfortunately MH series is retarded when it comes to this and will not allow you to save the game at all unless you have correctly synchronized in-game save.

There are only two known ways of restoring synchronization as of now, if you bugged through alot of hours and have a pc with windows, you can try re-creating old save from game memory using my instructions in here. Unfortunately if you glitched your game before it made a copy of your old save in memory this method will not work;p.

The second way is much simpler and can be done on any OS at any time, you'll loose all the progress made on desynchronized savestate through:]. Basically run the game and load it normally without using the savestate.

Next time either remember to never desynchronize your save or don't use savestates at all. I wouldn't go soo far about it through, as long as you'll use only normal in-game save to load your progress every time you start playing and remember to save the game normally often to quickly notice if you accidently desynchronized it, you should be safe to abuse savestates as well.
This "problem" will always exist since it's just a perfectly working game feature.

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot i... - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 02:19 AM

@lunamoo : hmm,I guess I have to choose one between continuing the game using normal save or savestate.cant use both anymore,just tried to delete my saving like your 2nd suggestion but didnt fix,still error after load state :-(..
Umm,may i bother you a little bit?
Can I email my save BIN and fix for me?T.T
Its very precious and I didnt get handy with ppsspp for windows.

RE: - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 02:48 AM

Deleting MH save wasn't really a suggestion;p I only said this affects other games in which deleting save will help, at the same time adding this will actually not work on MH because of some stupid design choice.

About re-creating save from memory I think actually iOS savestates wouldn't work in windows anyway not being a help here:|.
I might try finding this manually without using ppsspp at all, but only if your savestate actually kept in-game save so without looking at it, can't say for sure. Just zip your normal save folder (ULJM05800) and a single savestate file which you use(it should be named something like ULJM05800_1.02_0.ppst for normal MHp3rd or NPJB40001_1.00_0.ppst for HD version) and upload it somewhere like mediafire or something and I'll see what I can do.

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot i... - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 04:27 AM

Oooh..I see now,deleting old saves will not work on MH..sorry my english is bad,so I gotta read again and again.:-)

Thankyou for kindly willing to check my save,I'll upload as soon as I get home.

You're really an expert on this

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot inserted" - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 05:50 AM

Well, if I was an expert I would just hack the protection for the game to allow save over desynchronized save to begin with and kill the problem totally for everyone with a simple cw cheat. Maybe I'll try my luck later with ppsspp debug build and desync my own save trying to find it. I'm just not used to ppsspp debugging features nor even to mips which is psp assembly and cheat engine which I use for messing with pc games on windows has very limited use in emulators.:C

As of current method, I mostly need a savestate, normal save isn't soo important, since I can just use my own save for other files to get it working. That is if it's stored inside memory dump, if it's not, and that can happen under rare circumstances, I'll not be able to help you in such way.

Edit: Hell I was soo blind to not try it earlier;p, PPSSPP shows in it's debug info exact location of the function. This is epic. XD
I was able to find a code that when nopped allow deleting unpaired save and saving the correct one all from game O.o I need to test some stuff and maybe find a different one, but if you have only 1 character, instead of bothering with uploading savestate, try this cw cheat:
//this is for normal mhp3rd the non-hd version
_C0 change save to delete/create new save
_L 0x2008E5E8 0x00000000
_C0 restore normal saving
_L 0x2008E5E8 0x0E22393D
I'll probably look around for changing this to only affect the problem we have without deleting like now, but this code as is pretty funny as is as it does add extra functionality as well^_^, when you save your game it'll allow you to delete whole save and save only the character you're playing with to a new and completely working save. As far as I know normally we can't delete older characters in MH games, only replace them with new, so this is pretty cool ;D.

- use the first cheat,
- try to save to delete the old/broken save and create a new one(with only 1 character),
- disable the cheat and enable the second one, return to game at least once and you can disable the other one as well.

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot i... - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 09:14 AM

I just get home and re-read all of your explanation, I understand some, but some doesnt..

sorry :-p kinda hard to understand by user like me.

so I wanna ask again, which one is actually broken, the game save (*BIN) or the save state (*PPST).

because I have tried to delete all of the save state yesterday and re create the save state.If I go out of the app for a while and then go back into the app - load the save state - and then normal save the game - it is still working.

but if you leave the game long enough, reply messages, BBM, messaging, then go back to save, the save error appear again.

I've recreate save state and normal save (by deleting the ULJM05800 folder while the game is running and make fresh save) but still after a long time leaving the app open, it wont save.

this problem didnt happen the first time I freely using save state (load when get hit by monster-save when make great combos- get hit again-load again and evade the hit) no problem at all.

soo seems like my BIN is broken, because the save state that at the 1st time okay is now broken.(I'm using the save state like thousand time when fighting the monsters)

this is the save state file that doenst allow me to save after I leave the game long enough :

this is my BIN file :

RE: - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 10:19 AM

Just as I always say nothing is broken here, it's just getting desynchronized.
You see MH game checks save and remembers the last one you used. It keeps it in memory, savestate IS that memory. Now if you use savestate, then save the game normally and load that savestate made earlier, game will expect to see an older save which you already doesn't have and will not allow you to save. That's exactly why I call it "desynchronized" not broken or anything and why the simplest solution if you didn't lost a lot of gameplay is running the game normally and continuing from normal save. Any workarounds are usefull only to get back lost gameplay hours;p.

I checked your savestate and it didn't had the save in it's memory, so my older method wouldn't work, but nothing's lost. The cheat I made above would allow to delete old save and save your current game even on desynchronized game. Looking at your savestate you have a MHp3rd HD version, not the normal one, so here's one for it:
//for MHp3rd HD
_C0 change save menu to delete/create new save
_L 0x20090994 0x00000000
_C0 restore normal saving
_L 0x20090994 0x0E223D25

If you never used cheats, well activate them, then run the game at least once to create an ini file, paste those codes above to your NPJB40001.ini file inside memstick\PSP\Cheats folder.
Activate only 1st code which will allow you to delete older/desynchronized save and after which allow to write a new properly working one. Then you can disable the first cheat and enable the second one to restore original code and continue as if nothing happened.

This works only for one character through so if you had more characters, the newly created save will have only current one, sorry:]. I'll have to get more time to check how exactly game works to do it properly, this game does something stupid which with my limited mips understanding isn't clear to me yet, it's not the only thing I'm doing now either so it might take a while;p.

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot i... - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 10:53 AM

Oooh my god,ok I understand completely now!!!its just desynchronize..ok ok..


Moving into the cheats things

I've edit the NPJB40001.ini(pic below)

But after a check the cheat,and go into cheat again,its uncheck..what's wrong @[email protected]

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot inserted" - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 11:00 AM

To start, activate only one since the second one is reverting the firstTongue so having them both activated would be like having none. And leave the menu using "back". If the checkbox doesn't save it's state it's probably some problem on your OS with write priviledges, maybe you still have the ini files opened in the background? I dunno how iOS works:C.

You could always change "_C0" in the code to "_C1" in the ini file manually which would activate it, but then you'll have to do it again backwards to disable itTongue.

RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot i... - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 11:40 AM


youre the MAN!

it works like magic! I can rescue my save state!

well ios doent allow to activate ppsspp cheat from the menu so I got to change it via text editor. (c0 -c1)

and then
-the 1st one is making the save corrupted and then fresh save
-and the second one is making the save normal,

just like you said

wow, I dunno who else can help me in this forum if it is not you who patiently guiding me trough all the process..

THANKS A LOT MAN...greetings from indonesia..

OOT,where r u from master?

RE: [SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10 - LunaMoo - 03-19-2014 12:26 PM

You're welcome.

Kind of wonder why cheat menu doesn't work on iOS O.o, maybe it's some iOS specific bug in PPSSPP, would be good to report it probably.

Well, I'm from Poland, not really a "master" through, lols, I just like messing with stuff, sometimes more than playing games;o. From what I learned doing this, the game does two checksums, the first one seems to be the one synchronizing the save which is our problem, the second one probably just checks the save integrity to disallow save game editing and/or protect it from corruption, but blah I'm really bad at mips. Will probably improve this cheat some other time. @[email protected]

RE: [SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10 - Siauwhendry - 03-19-2014 01:37 PM

Oh I see..hope capcom fix the save system next time..

Well good things you do there to research the save system.It helps ppl like me,hehehe X-)

Hope your knowledge keep improving

RE: [SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10 - AcidNinja - 04-06-2021 05:44 AM

You're a god
It works Big Grin thanks