What haven't you done yet?
Have a GF/BF 32.14%
aleph, arg274, Buko Pandan, darkjoe16, Goddess of Death, GuilhermeGS2, Howdareme, mccainmx, Me-Professional, mestour, mr.chya, Nezarn, Obi55, Raimoo, RandSergeant, stodag, XxEGGxX, youhacked1
18 32.14%
Have a Facebook account cause Zuck stinks 5.36%
Buko Pandan, Gurlok, youhacked1
3 5.36%
Have real friends 5.36%
Buko Pandan, stodag, The Phoenix
3 5.36%
Get big bucks 17.86%
aleph, arg274, Bread And Butter, Buko Pandan, darkjoe16, mr.chya, Nezarn, Obi55, RandSergeant, XxEGGxX
10 17.86%
Get a wedgie Tongue 14.29%
aleph, arg274, Buko Pandan, curraja, darkjoe16, mr.chya, RandSergeant, youhacked1
8 14.29%
Eat upto the MAX space of your tummy 3.57%
Buko Pandan, stodag
2 3.57%
Listen to music so much that you hadda pay a visit to the doc the next day 21.43%
aleph, arg274, bhavin192, Buko Pandan, globe94, mestour, mr.chya, Obi55, RandSergeant, stodag, XxEGGxX, youhacked1
12 21.43%
Total: 56 votes 100%