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Xbox 360 button mapping on PC (win7)
01-19-2014, 03:51 AM
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Xbox 360 button mapping on PC (win7)
I have a couple questions regarding button mapping with the xbox 360 controller. First one is: Can you save/load different controller settings on an individual game basis? Some PSP games I want to button map to use both analog controls (good for fps games) and some PSP games I'm fine with the default settings.

Second question is remapping the pause key for xbox360 controller.
The default key maps in PPSSPP for Pause are:

When I hit escape on my keyboard it will toggle the PPSSPP pause menu, so hitting escape a second time goes back into the game. If I use the buttons assigned to the Xbox360 controller, they don't toggle. The only key that will return back to the game is any button assigned to the PSP "O" key. I can assign any button but only to the "O" key. I'm not sure why buttons assigned to the controller don't act as a toggle on/off. I'm forced to use 2 buttons, one to enter the pause menu and another to exit the pause menu. Is there a reason it is set up like this?
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