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PPSSPP working [iPad 2, 5.1.1] [Jailbroken]
12-04-2013, 11:20 AM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2013 11:22 AM by TripMX.)
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PPSSPP working [iPad 2, 5.1.1] [Jailbroken]
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that the latest releases of PPSSPP (v0.9.5-838-g33efffe AND v0.9.5-850-g0bdf17b) work on my iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1....therefore, the 6.x "requirement" isn't exactly accurate.

I chose to run a game that I bought a while back for my PSP---Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection.

The game runs pretty well on this device despite its limitations. JIT must be enabled to even attempt to load this game; without it, you'll get around 0~7 FPS....even if you try to tweak the settings, the best you'll get is around 0~20 FPS; this game's max FPS is 60. If you start a new game, you won't get to Baron until after 30mins. xD

Anyways, here's the optimal settings that I've discovered:


-Rendering Mode-
Mode: Non-buffered rendering
*If I use Buffered rendering, the game will look smoother, but will cause annoying black screens and black flicking that could only be temporarily fixed by entering the the PPSSPP game menu.

-Framerate control-
Frameskipping: Off
*No need for frameskipping for this game unless you're in towns or places where there's mist effects/environmental effects. The game will drop frames substantially, so, if the frame drop is too much for you, you can temporarily turn the frameskipping on to "1", which is good enough...if you're still not satisfied, change it to "3".

Mipmapping: UNCHECK
*Doesn't seem to affect gameplay at all, so turn it off...because I read somewhere that having it CHECKED will slightly reduce graphic quality.


Fast memory (unstable): UNCHECK
*With JIT enabled, it has hardly any (if any) effect on this game, so I the name of stability, lol.

Developer Tools -> Enable debug logging (UNCHECK this one)
*For luck =)

......and that's it, leave everything else at it's default setting for THIS game (800MB+ file).

Additional Notes:
  • SAVE and LOAD states work fine; no problem here. It seems to be the only possible way to save anyway, as the PSP in-game save doesn't seem to be...working as it should. No gripes here.
  • The audio is fine overall when the framerate is OK, when audio stutters when the framerate drops below 30FPS (Non-buffered rendering) / 60fps (Buffered rendering). Also, no text rendering problems that I've noticed.
  • Battles are surprisingly smooth with some occasional hiccups due to slight framerate drops during large spell effects and when a large enemy is defeated and 'dissolves' away. However, the spell effects' speed and quality remains unchanged, infact, the spells look more buffered/rendered than the sprites at these settings. xD
  • PPSSPP + running this game only uses up 136MB of memory on this device. I got 214MB of memory free. MAX performance that I got with this game on this device was--"62/60 (100.5%)" <--Framerate (Speed), but that's just when I'm standing still in a cave. =P

Overall, the game is certainly playable, but JIT must be enabled. I'll try to make a video of the gameplay.

I hope that the development of this emulator continues to improve, and maybe someday, the framerate and the Buffered rendering black screen issues can be resolved even for devices like mines.

I hope that this is helpful to some of you. =)
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12-05-2013, 02:44 AM
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RE: PPSSPP working [iPad 2, 5.1.1] [Jailbroken]
VIDEO posted in appropriate thread-->

Check it out if you want to see. Thanks!
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