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Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy - ULUS10566
03-30-2017, 09:50 AM
Post: #34
[help] creating a CWCheat to disable assist charges in Dissidia 012
Well i have been trying to disable this mechanic in the game for a while by fiddling with cheat engine with basically no luck so i decided to come here for help.

Firstly, From my fiddling i concluded that creating a cheat that directly affects assist charges would be very difficult and that the easiest method to achieve this is to reduce the critical health threshold instead (since a full assist charge occurs when you counter an opponents attack while at critical health, making it so that you can't go into critical health essentially disables assist charges).

The easiest way to reduce the critical health threshold would probably be modifying the passive ability "Achy". The ability normally increases the health percentage that you are considered critical (equipping it puts you in a critical state when you fall below 26% health instead of the base value of 21%), but i want to create a CWCheat where equipping the ability sets this "critical health threshold" to 0% instead.

I think it would be a pretty easy CWCheat to create for someone who knows what they are doing and i am hoping someone could either create it for me or guide me in creating it.
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