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3ds vs Psp. What's better?
08-29-2013, 11:19 AM (This post was last modified: 08-29-2013 11:35 AM by VIRGIN KLM.)
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RE: 3ds vs Psp. What's better?
(08-29-2013 03:17 AM)Razorback Wrote:  'scuse me for being late at this, but no matter how far they pissed off people with what they've done with the initial PS3 launch and $599 shenanigans, people will buy 'dem products. Just take a look at how many sh!ts $quareEnix or EA have ruined this generation yet people keep worshipping them on regular basis.
Not even remotely enough to satisfy their (Sony's) sales ambitions or declare the console a success. Just because some people scream and they sound like many, it doesn't mean that they are indeed many. (said in a poetic way)
I'll make an example of what I mean.
If Sony and the gaming industry constantly drops that reference point where a console is declared successful it doesn't really make it objectively successful, so it marks a dawn in the market since the sales technicaly drop.
It's exactly the same as in music industry. Before like 30 years to make an album have so many sales that it would get declared as golden or platinum was sooo rare and tough that only artists like Michael Jackson were able to archive that and many years after the release of the album. Now mostly like any album is triple times platinum because the sales amount of an album geting platinum is dropped by 10000% which means only printing this amont of discs and sending them on the shelfs is already enough to make it double platinum. Does that mean that the album was successful? Hell no. So if everytime Sony sets their targets lower and lower this "draws" a technical dowhill which means the dawn for them. This is what they understood with PSVita and they tried to set their expectations higher but it didn't work and was actualy a disaster. They need to understand that their company needs consolidation in order to function ambitiously again.
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