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Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies (updated for MSVC 2013)
08-26-2013, 02:32 PM
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RE: Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies
(08-26-2013 03:43 AM)mupralsh Wrote:  
(08-26-2013 01:07 AM)Mirath-14 Wrote:  wht is programming he mean program file or wht help

can u just make a video how to make the build plz RolleyesIdeaWinkShy

without intailling the the microsoft things just how to build it plz plz plz plz BlushBlush
Well solarmystic said this in the guide:
Quote:It is not intended to teach one any form of programming and commandline usage beyond the narrow scope of this guide.

I will assume that you have some basic computing knowledge in this guide.
I'm pretty sure he wrote this guide by sacrificing his free time, and even i'm not a programmer myself i can actually follow this guide, so i think he really made this absolutely clear already, i'm just saying that you just have to try to understand his writing better, rather than simply ask him to make a video tutorial (which i think will take a lot of time) considering he is also doing a lot work on developing the emu (again, using his free time) Wink

ok thx and i am really sry lol thx for warning
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