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Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies (updated for MSVC 2013)
08-17-2013, 11:42 AM (This post was last modified: 08-24-2013 11:10 AM by TheDax.)
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RE: Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies
Compiling without FFMPEG:

Note that this will NOT auto-skip PSMFs or other movies; you'll simply have a black screen or possibly some graphical glitches while the movie "plays".

Minimum requirements:
1. PPSSPP's source code
2. Visual Studio 2010/2012
3. You've checked out lang and native via the following commands:
git submodule update --init "lang"
git submodule update --init "native"

So you've checked out a fresh copy of the source, but for one reason or another(testing, don't feel like downloading the 200 MByte/Mo+ submodule, etc.), you don't want FFMPEG support. Well here's how you can build on Windows without FFMPEG support, and without changing a single line of code.

Note: If for some reason you need Headless to build, repeat steps 1-3 for the PPSSPPHeadless project as well. If you don't need Headless, just right click it and choose Unload Project. You don't need it for gaming. You can also unload UnitTest if you wish; it's also not needed for gaming.

Make sure to change the Config/Platform dropdown boxes to reflect whichever configuration you need before changing these options.

1. Open up your PPSSPP solution/SLN file.
2. Right click on PPSSPPWindows and select Properties.
3. Go to Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input, and change the Additional Dependencies box, then delete the following(click the textbox next to it so it shows the little dropdown arrow on the right, click it, then press "<Edit...>"):

Note: x64's text lines will look slightly different, but they still mention FFMPEG; remove them.

[Image: ibhlJ4VK0AHywD.png]

Now that that's done, we have to edit the Core project.
4. Right click Core and choose properties.
5. Under Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Preprocessor, click in the Preprocessor Definition textbox and remove USE_FFMPEG; from the list(it should be the first one). Yes, do remove the semi-colon after USE_FFMPEG.
6. Now compile and enjoy your copy of PPSSPP without FFMPEG support.

One last thing: On Core's property sheet, under Librarian -> General, x86 Release builds must delete everything under the additional dependencies line to strip out ffmpeg completely.

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