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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
08-13-2014, 06:31 PM
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
(08-13-2014 06:06 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Many ways to do that, but since we already know how it works etc. to find those addresses it's enough if you set a breakpoint on 088D65A0 and read what's stored in s1 register(which is set a line before the breakpoint) and add an offset for those two cheats (+0x2E4 for hp, +0x41E for max hp).

Basically open debug->disassembly or ctrl+D on windows paste this "088D65A0" address into top left corner and press enter, then double click this address/code line on the right which will make it red, doing so, you set up a breakpoint. Now go in-game as second player ~ not the one which takes the quest and use a restoration item during quest, your game will pause on that breakpoint, and then you can read s1 value which will be address for second player.

If you would want to make a pointer code in case it's dynamic, then you would have to also find where the s1 is read from which we already know as it's set a line above the breakpoint we set and it's sw s1,0x8(sp) so basically the pointer is stored in SP(also have to read it on the list during that break) +0x8, then you can make a pointer cw cheat having this knowledge and google for cw cheat syntax.

Just a note cw cheat starts from 8800000 so for example if address would be would be 0x090B385E the actual address for cw cheat would be 0x8B385E. Also first number(after 0x which is just prefix for hex values) in cw cheat usually is a code type and is not part of the address.

Edit: syntax for pointer code for 16-bit values in cw cheat in case it's hard to find;p
16-bit write
0x6aaaaaaa 0x0000vvvv
0x0001nnnn 0xiiiiiiii
aaaaaaa = address to load 32-bit base from (25 bit)
vvvv = value to store at base + offset (8/16/32 bit)
qqq = offset to add to load the base(*4)
nnnn = number of times to point (16 bit) (must be 1 for normal pointer codes)
iiiiiiii = 32-bit offset to add to base (n = 1)
Also on windows I recommend using default windows calculator in programmer mode for all hex fun, works good enough for me that I never searched for an alternative. Cheat engine is only usefull for ppsspp cheating when you have to search some values for the first time, everything else is much easier to do in ppsspp dissassembler because cheat engine is written for x86 which is useless since psp uses mipsTongue. ~ I tend to use it mostly for editing stuff, like my stats cheat table for MHp3rdHD which allows edit all kinds of things and records.
Oh so that's why cheat engine didn't work.
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