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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
08-13-2014, 04:08 PM
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
(08-13-2014 04:00 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Depends how it works, from what I checked it sorts and does recognize players, so it would mean pointers to do it that way.

But I don't understand why you care about max hp, when you freeze the value, meaning you can't get killed anyway;p, would be better to just use a god mode or refresh hp by assembly without even setting it, like:
_C0 refresh hp on hit
_L 0x200D6644 0x8622041E
_C0 refresh hp on hit[disable]
_L 0x200D6644 0x862202E4
Which results also in not being able to die, but max hp is not touched, and also since it uses assembly, doesn't have to use pointer codes and doesn't have problems with other players;p.
Ah, no, I don't wanna use Gode Mode as me and my buddy are using a conditioning level up type agreement. So, every 5k guild points we increase your attack multiplier by 0.1 and every 10k guild points we increase our hp by 16. This is mostly cause I keep on complaining that I didn't like the power levels of the game.
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