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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
09-25-2016, 11:27 PM (This post was last modified: 09-25-2016 11:31 PM by IncognitoMan.)
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
(11-11-2015 08:50 AM)Koru-chan Wrote:  So does any code exist for this game where you can buy every item from the general store? I noticed the code existed for MHP3 and hoped there was one for MHFU, but so far, I'm not seeing it and it would be really handy.

I know of the one for 2ndG but haven't seen one for FU... would also love one for FU to make cross checking my work easier...

Here's the one for 2ndG:

_C0 All weaponarmor shop 1
_L 0xE019DA72 0x0129B3E0
_L 0x2129B3F8 0x0E7FF540
_L 0x213025E0 0x09FF8000
_L 0x2129C804 0x00000000
_L 0x2129B5D8 0x2A430830
_L 0x217FD500 0x24010001
_L 0x217FD504 0x2403047F
_L 0x217FD508 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217FD50C 0x34428000
_L 0x217FD510 0x24050005
_L 0x217FD514 0xA4450000
_L 0x217FD518 0xA4410002
_L 0x217FD51C 0x24210001
_L 0x217FD520 0x24420004
_L 0x217FD52C 0x1423FFF9
_L 0x217FD534 0x24010001
_L 0x217FD538 0x24030162
_L 0x217FD53C 0x24050006
_L 0x217FD540 0xA4450000
_L 0x217FD544 0xA4410002
_L 0x217FD548 0x24210001
_L 0x217FD54C 0x24420004
_L 0x217FD558 0x1423FFF9
_L 0x217FD560 0x3401FFFF
_L 0x217FD564 0xAC410000
_L 0x217FD56C 0x0A6A71E2
_C0 All weaponarmor shop 2
_L 0xE01DDA72 0x0129B3E0
_L 0x2129B408 0x0E7FF560
_L 0x213025F8 0x09FF8000
_L 0x2129C8AC 0x00000000
_L 0x217FD580 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217FD584 0x34428000
_L 0x217FD588 0x24050000
_L 0x217FD58C 0x240301A4
_L 0x217FD590 0x24010001
_L 0x217FD594 0xA4450000
_L 0x217FD598 0xA4410002
_L 0x217FD59C 0x24210001
_L 0x217FD5A0 0x24420004
_L 0x217FD5B0 0x1423FFF8
_L 0x217FD5B8 0x24A50001
_L 0x217FD5BC 0x24010001
_L 0x217FD5C0 0x50A1FFF3
_L 0x217FD5C4 0x240301B4
_L 0x217FD5C8 0x24010002
_L 0x217FD5CC 0x50A1FFF0
_L 0x217FD5D0 0x240301A4
_L 0x217FD5D4 0x24010003
_L 0x217FD5D8 0x50A1FFED
_L 0x217FD5DC 0x2403019B
_L 0x217FD5E0 0x24010004
_L 0x217FD5E4 0x50A1FFEA
_L 0x217FD5E8 0x24030199
_L 0x217FD5EC 0x3401FFFF
_L 0x217FD5F0 0xAC410000
_L 0x217FD5F4 0x0A6A7206
_C0 All weaponarmor shop 3
_L 0xE001DA72 0x0129B3E0
_L 0x2129C898 0x00000000

Hopefully someone can adapt this to FU...

edit: Ahh... sorry I just noticed you meant "general store" as in the one that sells stuff like items and parts... not armor/weapons... my bad...
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