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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
11-01-2015, 01:29 AM
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RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
Finally... after many long months of waiting... I've made a working hunter speed modification code!

_S ULUS-10391
_G Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA]
_C0 Speed Test
_L 0x000D5DDC 0x00004xxx
_L 0x000D5E1C 0x00004xxx

Replace "xxx" with any value between x000 and x100 for it to work; I've found 03A works best for my playstyle, but it's up to you.
Thus, my personal code looks like this:

_L 0x000D5DDC 0x0000403A
_L 0x000D5E1C 0x0000403A

This gives a weapon/movement speed multiplier of approximately 1.5 (which is a really, really rough estimation).
The way it works is a little more complex than your average cwcheat. After lots of experimentation (and crashes), I think I figured out how to consistently get the code to work, as long as you follow these steps:

1) After copying the code to your cheat database and opening it in some kind of text editor (TextMate, TextEdit, etc.), write your desired values in the "xxx" spaces.
2) MANUALLY ACTIVATE the cheat WITHIN THE EDITING PROGRAM. PPSSPP reads all _C lines as separate cheats, and denotes whether they are active or inactive with a simple boolean data-check, i.e. whether there is a 1 (active) or a 0 (inactive) next to the cheat name. For this cheat to work properly, you MUST manually type in 1 after the _C line after writing your speed values!
3) Now, open the actual PSP emulator and navigate to the game.
4) When it begins to run, PAUSE the game and go into the "Cheats" menu (if you don't see it, go into System and click the box next to "Enable Cheats").
5) DEACTIVATE the speed code. It's very important that you do this before reaching the character selection screen! If left active while your character loads, plenty of problems occur, if the game doesn't simply crash outright.
6) If you've followed all the above steps, after loading your character, they will be moving around at a much faster pace than normal. Congratulations!

Now, I'm aware there are HUGE problems with this code, as it is very, very, VERY fragile/unstable. Here is a list of known problems I ran into while troubleshooting/playing around:

-Save states are a risky endeavor. They load/save fine in Pokke town proper, but in the middle of a quest, reloading a savestate may spontaneously crash the game.
-DO NOT REACTIVATE the cheat while playing. This causes some kind of internal clock error(?), first freezing your hunter completely, then crashing after a few seconds. That said, activating other cheats like Attack x2 or Synchronize Save seems safe at the moment.
-One flaw in the code's execution occurs directly after releasing the R button while sprinting with your weapon sheathed. Before holding R while walking, your hunter will move at the pace you set with your cheat code; however, during and after the sprinting animation, movement speed reverts back to its original pace until you come to a complete stop. The cheat will then kick in again after you begin a new walking/running sequence. (Are these values hard-coded? I'm not sure)
-Another crucial flaw with this code happens within the weapon frame animation sequence. All of your hunter's movements are sped up when this cheat has been properly activated, but it seems like it also messes with the game's ability to detect weapon collision/hitboxes in the animated frames. I noticed this while fighting a Plesioth with a greatsword (very cathartic btw); whenever i did a large side-swing with X, the blade would just pass through its legs without a sound, like it was intangible. This only occurs during the particularly quick frames of a weapon motion, however; at places where the hitboxes remain in place for more than a few seconds, collision kicks in again and deals damage. Naturally, this can get annoying to play with. I only experimented with a greatsword so I have no idea if and how this affects other weapons, but at least you guys've been made aware.

And that's everything! I hope this helps enhance other people's MHFU experiences, from one avid fan to another. Happy hunting!

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