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Paying for help
11-17-2020, 02:13 AM
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Paying for help
So I need a specific code for a game so obscure I can almost garuntee none of you have played it, ragnarok tactics. And because it's so obscure I figured no one would be willing to help me out with it unless I offered a cash reward. We can discuss all that stuff in PMs if you want. But essentially what I need is a code that adds would allow me to have access to 2 DLC characters, Adelaide and Dark Adelaide. They are in the base game, and theres even already a code that adds them to your party, which you can find here:

Unfortunately the code on that site has a bug, after every fight, it deletes other characters that are in character slots higher then it. So for example, say you have the adelaide and dark adelaide codes running, theyre in slots 2 and 3, and then slots 4-10 are full of other characters. After a fight, the characters in slots 4 and 5 get deleted, and the characters in slots 6-10 are switched to slots 4-8. And then after another fight the same thing happens, slots 4 and 5 get deleted, and the characters in 6-8 become slots 4-6. And it keeps repeating this process after every fight.

So if anyone thinks they can make a code, or fix the existing code, ill be willing to make it worth your while. Or if you want to do it for free that would be incredible but i figure with how few coders there are and how obscure this game is if I just posted a request i wouldn't get any responses
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