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Gamebreaking Danganronpa Glitch. (Mild spoilers for game)
10-10-2020, 01:40 AM
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Gamebreaking Danganronpa Glitch. (Mild spoilers for game)
During cutscenes where the animation plays out that a character dies, it freezing and basically soft locks at that point, it being impossible to progress. I fixed this problem once by loading my PSP the best english patch file on the Japanese PSP the best file and was able to get through the cutscene, but now when i do it for the Hifumi death screen, even if i try loading it to the Japanese PSP the best, they both freeze on that cutscene now. Is there anyway for me to transfer my MacOS Catalina save data to my Chromebook so i can continue it on there, then put the new save back onto my mac and continue it, or is there another solution i can do?
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