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PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
01-23-2021, 12:08 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2021 12:45 PM by Zinx777.)
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RE: PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
(01-23-2021 11:10 AM)AdamN Wrote:  
(01-23-2021 09:06 AM)Awry04 Wrote:  I got the latest build, and KHBBS-Final Mix works great! (Finally! Big Grin) I was skeptical since the video showed how to play online. :3 But we did it using my phone's Hotspot wifi. Thanks!
As for the other games I've mentioned, we've yet to try them, but for now, we're going crazy with KH.
If I can just ask one more question, what do the settings below the port offset do? They're new, and so is the uPnP thing. :3

UPnP used for automatic port-forwarding, that is if your router support UPnP, so you don't need to manually configure your router to port-forward specific port or using DMZ (DMZ have a higher security risk), port-forwarding only needed when playing over the internet.

Settings in the same group with Port Offset are just hacks/tricks to improve connectivity over high latency network such as the internet, since adhoc games were designed/tested only over LAN by their developers, some games can be sensitive to timings which can be affected by the latency/ping.

(01-22-2021 07:38 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  
(01-22-2021 01:14 PM)Awry04 Wrote:  Yello! I don't know if this may be the place to ask buuuuuut..
..I'm on android, same with my pals, and we play MHFU and MH3P a LOT using Hotspot wifi. We were trying out some other games similar to those (GEB, GE2, TK), but so far we can't seem to make KHBBS-Final Mix, DW-Strikeforce, SSM-MultiRaid, and Orochi Warriors 2 work. Is there a way to play these multiplayer? Android v Android? I'm sorry if there was already an answer to this, I'm overwhelmed by the number of posts, and very confused by the spreadsheet. We're using the latest version of PPSSPP.

Oh, and also Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3. :3

I reordered the spreadsheets so mine will be on top because it's more organized one.
you can get the latest builds from PPSSPP buildbot because it got all the adhoc changes that fixed some games like the games you mentioned.
The first post here got the buildbot link and it also got a vidoe tutorial detailing how to play online or with local multiplayer.

Btw, i've tested Blokus Portable recently, it worked when you play multiplyer through in-game (ie. the 3rd floor when i use savedata from gamespot), but the one on Start menu doesn't work because it use Gamesharing.

Updated the list thanks.
I also found out that Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded got adhoc as well if you try to play in-game and last time i tried it didnt work.
Some games dont have adhoc on the main menu so its a bit confusing lol.
BTW the video that showed KHBBS 6 players gameplay was all over the internet by using a VPN.
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