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PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
10-07-2020, 12:49 AM (This post was last modified: 10-07-2020 12:59 AM by AdamN.)
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RE: PPSSPP supports more games with ad-hoc now
(10-06-2020 07:14 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  
(10-06-2020 07:10 PM)AdamN Wrote:  Kizuna Drive worked pretty stable on my test with simulated 200ms latency and 10% packet loss chance

However, if i increased the lost packet rate to 20% it will starting to shows connection issue... so may be one of your players happened to have a high rate of packet loss?

GTA VCS tested with 4 players with simulated 150ms and 3% of packet loss rate seems to be stable

However, increasing the lost packet rate to 5% will starts showing issue, so i guess this game couldn't handle high rate of packet loss Sad

Hmm Kizuna Drive is actually got the best netcode I have ever seen its similar to Monster Hunter so the problem is not with this game.

The problem with GTA is so weird.
If I host the game it works and wont disconnect anyone (though i only tried once).
If someone else hosts the game (2 other players) it will disconnect one of us.
we are playing from Europe to Latin America (2 players Latin 1 Europe).
I think I got ping above 200ms with them not sure.
This seems so random.

True, Kizuna Drive does have a good netcode, to be able to handle 10% packet loss rate is considered good tho, not many games can do this, and in-game (during battle) increasing it to 20% were also pretty stable, it's just that the lobby couldn't handle this much of packet loss.

Most games should be able to handle upto 200ms latency/ping as i remembered, larger ping will only gives you longer delay/slower response when you press a button (at least when being seen by other players).
While higher rate of packet loss... is a bad thing, an example of when data packet getting lost, when you pressed a button and that information is lost.. it will be like you never press a button and need to press again (ie. need to send again) and hoping it wouldn't lost again, and after several times failed to sync the data due to loss it will eventually leads to desync/disconnection.

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