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PPSSPP Ad-hoc general info thread
09-30-2020, 02:40 AM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2020 02:54 AM by AdamN.)
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RE: PPSSPP supports more games with ad-hoc now
(09-29-2020 05:06 PM)Zinx777 Wrote:  
(09-29-2020 11:28 AM)AdamN Wrote:  Btw is it just me or Fate Unlimited Codes is running really slow when doing versus fight between Saber vs Archer?
I only gets about 15 FPS on both Vs CPU (single player) and Vs 2P (multiplayer), so i wonder if it's just me/my laptop or others also experiencing this slowness.
I've tried downloading several version of PPSSPP from orphis but all of them have this slowness Sad i also wonder if this slowness caused by the recent Win10 update.

PS: I thinks GTA VCS also experiencing this slowness, at least on my laptop

It's your laptop or something I can run the fight vs CPU in 30 fps.
GTA VCS is also fine I think.
Using one of the latest orphis builds.
Maybe disable force real clock sync it could cause issues sometimes maybe or mess with other settings.

Hmm.. this is really strange i'm still getting low FPS on Archer, disabling Force real time clock does helped improve the performance but only from 15/30 to be 23/30, it's still not full speed Huh

Are you using the latest windows update?
i think it wasn't this slow before i updated windows recently, i remembered this game even getting too fast (60 FPS instead of 30) in multiplayer before

PS: i think this slowdown only on Archer, other characters seems to be getting full speed, so may be i wasn't testing multiplayer with Archer i guess which is why i didn't notice this slowness

PPS: GTA VCS seems to be running fullspeed again (even with force real time clock), so may be something also went wrong with my laptop yesterday, and i decide to update my GPU drivers after i'm getting that slowness, so it might be fixed after updating drivers (the recent windows update might breaks my GPU drivers)

My Modified PPSSPP :
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