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retroarch and mod for playstation classic save/cheats not working, need help
06-09-2020, 11:38 PM
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retroarch and mod for playstation classic save/cheats not working, need help
im a newb when it comes to cheats and all this so i apologize in advance if i miss something.

i have two questions for the playstation classic, one has to do with retroarch and one for the new ppsspp mod. it specifically has to do with me and my katamari.

first: on retroarch (and now ppsspp mod), theres a point in the game where i have to name my island, but as soon as i exit, it soft freezes and wont progress, making me restart the rom. i was able to fix this by adding the contents of the assets folder i got from github into the retroarch\ppsspp folder, because i guess there was a memory card bug or something? idk how it worked for retroarch, but now im facing the same problem for the new PPSSPP mod. i tried adding the assets folder into the projecteris\opt\PPSSPP folder but no luck.

second: this is actually 2-in-1, because it has to do with cheats in general. there's a glitch in the game where a bunch of lines show up in the distance when im rolling around. i managed to fix this though the pc version of PPSSPP by adding a cheat workaround made by LunaMoo on github, but im having trouble making it show up for the ps classic mod AND retroarch.

the thing with retroarch, is that it only reads .cht files and not .ini or cheat.db files. how do i add the code to retroarch? do i have to add it manually through the retroarch menu, and how? and as for the PPSSPP mod, where do i add the cheats folder and cheat.db file so it can read them? i've tried adding the PPSSPP folder from the PC to various places within my flash drive with no luck.

i've been wanting to play this game for months now with my PS2 controller and the dual joystick setup, so i dont mind which way gets solved first, but im hoping the PPSSPP mod is easier, because it runs way better than retroarch

thank you, you're all doing great work!
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