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Audio issue - Jack audio server
06-05-2020, 08:44 AM (This post was last modified: 06-05-2020 09:02 AM by Raoul.)
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Music Audio issue - Jack audio server
First: thanks developers for this great emulator, all works great at the first run, even the psx pad: very good!
For now I only want to play FF VIII crisis core, on ubuntu16.04 and for some reasons with Jack audio server. I use to start pulseaudio (with a bridge) to help audio with some soft, like games or web-browser. Hardware: CPU phenomII X4, 8Goram, CG radeon hd 5400-512mo.

I use an iso file, found the hd texture pack here, set pspX3 to enhance resolution and all well! The game runs at 30 fps.

But I steel have audio issue (hacked), and specially during story scenes (when they speak).
When that occurs the fps down to 8-10.
Don't know if that matter but I play in french, so with subtitle.
During the rest of the game, I have very few little hack, it's negligible.

I've tried all audio option, back to pspX1, skip 8frame: no change!
I've found in ppsspp.ini, [sound] section a line called "ExtraAudioBuffering" (false): what is this? (but don't matter)

For the jack audio side, I've tried without pulseaudio, 44100 and 44800khz (32000 and 96000 don't work), and audio buffer set from 128 to 4096. Nothing help! Even set audio to off.

I've got a great example of the issue: the scene when meting Angeal mother's for the first time, in Banora. When she speak about Genesis, it's quite inaudible.
I join a game save to test: just go in the house on your left and see if the scene is ok.

I tried first with stable PPA version 1.7.0 (testing seem to be the same??), and then the linux build, version 1.7.5-403. No change.

[EDIT] Last try: using unlimited speed during the scene, I can reach 200% speed.
But using other set for speed (200%,600%, 800%..) don't change anything (stay at 35% of speed during issue).

I'm quite surprised by this issue. Huh
Is that know issue?
I've also tried to found what was the audio specification of the psp, specially the sample rate but can't found data on this. Or what is the sample rate used by ppsspp?

Thanks if someone can help.
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06-13-2020, 01:59 PM
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RE: Audio issue - Jack audio server
I think the problem don't comes from the audio side.
Something make the speed go down (in game menu for example) and push quickly the "unlimited speed" key make the speed back to 100%.
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