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error then run ppsspp
04-27-2020, 10:12 AM
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error then run ppsspp
I try to install ppsspp on my raspberry pi follow the guide here ( or better install PPSSPP ?

I have a LCD and HDMI cable in my (Raspberry pi 3 b) i will play some PSP game in HDMI cable to TV !

Here is my error code.
E: VulkanLoader.cpp:339: Failed to create vulkan instance.
DEBUG: Vulkan is not available, not using Vulkan.
Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".
I: Config.cpp:492: Longest display side: -1 pixels. Choosing scale 1
02:06:868 Core/Config.cpp:1083 I[LOADER]: Loading controller config: /home/pi/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/controls.ini
02:06:959 Core/Config.cpp:1169 I[LOADER]: Config saved (got storage permission): '/home/pi/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/ppsspp.ini'
02:06:963 Core/Config.cpp:1182 I[LOADER]: Controller config saved: /home/pi/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/controls.ini
Pixels: 800 x 480
Virtual pixels: 800 x 480
OpenGL 2.0 or higher.
I: gpu_features.cpp:174: GPU Vendor : VMware, Inc. ; renderer: llvmpipe (LLVM 9.0.1, 128 bits) version str: 3.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 19.3.2 ; GLSL version str: 3.30
ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1903:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) card is not defined
E: SDLMain.cpp:590: Failed to open audio: ALSA: Couldn't open audio device: Invalid argument
loading control pad mappings from gamecontrollerdb.txt: SUCCESS!
I: NativeApp.cpp:776: NativeInitGraphics
I: NativeApp.cpp:852: NativeInitGraphics completed
02:07:889 UI/DiscordIntegration.cpp:55 I[SYSTEM]: Discord connection initialized
I: GLRenderManager.cpp:196: Running first frame (0)
02:10:761 Core/Config.cpp:1169 I[LOADER]: Config saved (clearFailedGPUBackends): '/home/pi/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/ppsspp.ini'
02:10:765 Core/Config.cpp:1182 I[LOADER]: Controller config saved: /home/pi/.config/ppsspp/PSP/SYSTEM/controls.ini

Can you help me ? Smile

Thanks for your time Smile
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