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UPDATED Tutorial! | GTA LCS & VCS Multiplayer
03-23-2020, 09:39 PM
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Smile UPDATED Tutorial! | GTA LCS & VCS Multiplayer
Hi people! Haven't been on this forum since I made my last post about LCS and VCS multiplayers, but in any case. A development has occurred!

Instead of using silly speedhacks as the host in order to only sometimes manage to be able to get in a game of LCS and VCS, this method is much simpler.

There's a different version of PPSSPP called "Amultios" which is basically made for online play in mind (Google it, then enter their page and click the "Getting Started" tab to get started). Amultios seems to have a way of letting clients wait for the host in order to receive the information they needed. Although this is still an issue on LCS as the host simply loads too fast which results in the clients not being able to receive the information they need and it disconnects them, however there's a trick to solve that. Otherwise, VCS works just fine with Amultios, but if you do happen to have high ping, the LCS trick will work just fine too, and if its really bad, using Cheat Engine's speedhack function at around 0.40 to 0.45 speed on all players in the lobby seems to do the trick. (combining it with the LCS trick and there's an even higher chance of success)

How to do the "LCS trick":

As the host, once you see the loading screen as soon as you've pressed Start Game after you've made a lobby and all of that, press escape and then quickly navigate to the Settings in order to pause the game. Count to 5, then go back in the game. There you go, you are now playing with your friends!

Here's a video showing it all in action:
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