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WipEout Pure - High-Definition [07/08/2021]
03-23-2020, 05:26 AM (This post was last modified: 07-08-2021 01:45 PM by NR74W.)
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WipEout Pure - High-Definition [07/08/2021]
Compatibility :
  • UCES00001 : Europe
  • ULES00229 : Europe (Demo)
  • UCUS98612 : USA
  • ULUS10058 : USA (Demo)
  • UCJS10007 : Japan
  • UCKS45008 : Korea
  • UCED00017 : Europe (Beta v0.1)
  • UCET00001 : Europe (Beta v1.0)
Screenshots :
Side-by-side 4K screenshots comparison.
The resolution (7680x2300) and size (from 1 to 10 MB) are too large for the pictures to be displayed here. To view a screenshot, open a new tab from the hypertext links below.
The Gameplay Standard screenshot resolution was reduced to fit the GitHub limit of 10 MB per file.
Essential improvements :
  • 60 FPS
The game has a built-in framerate limiter which is enabled for the intro FMV, the main menu, and in-game for the Time Trial / Zone / Free Play game modes.
It is possible to force WipEout Pure to always run at 60 FPS without issues with a cheat code (these are region-specific).
Credits goes to Filippo94 for creating the European code, and to Kabuto_Kun for the USA codes.

Europe (UCES00001) : (Note: The intro FMV and the main menu will run twice as fast, however this is not an issue.)
_C1 Force 60 FPS
_L 0x2006509C 0x00000000

USA (UCUS98612) | [1.04] : (Note: The intro FMV and the main menu will run twice as fast, however this is not an issue.)
_C1 Force 60 FPS
_L 0x20065760 0x00000000

USA (UCUS98612) | [2.00/Greatest Hits] :
_C0 Force 60 FPS [All]
_L 0x200652A8 0x00000000
_C1 Force 60 FPS [In-Game only]
_L 0xE0010001 0x0028E390
_L 0x200652A8 0x00000000
_L 0xE0010000 0x0028E390
_L 0x200652A8 0x1480FFFB
  • Glow effect
The glow effect of WipEout Pure does not scale well at higher resolutions and results in artifacts (pixelation) around some bright objects like lights : Example
To fix this, set "Lower resolution for effects" to "Aggressive" in the Graphics options.
  • Postprocessing effects
The Supersampling AA (Gauss) shader is a great alternative for anti-aliasing (better than FXAA), and is recommended to be used with the texture pack.
It does have a slight impact on performance, however.
  • ZIM format
The texture pack now supports the ZIM format, which improves performance and reduces stuttering.
The only drawback is that the pack size is now slightly larger, but the estimated performance gain of 2.75x is worth it.
The ZIM texture pack is only compatible with PPSSPP v1.11.3-694 and later.
Special thanks to Verymelon Benda (Saramagrean) for the compiled ZimTool.

Issues :
Q: The game sometimes stutters in gameplay.
A: The PNG format is at fault, and the ZIM format is not fast enough for a stutter-free experience.
The Vulkan video backend is known to perform worse (slower) than D3D11 and OGL for texture replacement.
At a future date, texture replacement improvements for PPSSPP should fix this.

Q: In race, the small font is not replaced.
A: The fonts have their hash changing constantly, which makes replacing these textures complicated (or impossible) :
  • Europe : Only this version has both fonts replaced in gameplay. However the CLUT of the OCR A font textures is not always static, as a result this font cannot always be replaced.
  • USA / JP : These versions only replace the FX300 Angular font, because the CLUT of the OCR A font textures is dynamic.
There is no solution at this time, it is recommended to play the European version instead.

Progress :
In Menu :
  • Font : 100% (8/8)
  • Intro : 100% (10/10)
  • Loading : 100% (7/7)
  • Menu (Primary) : 97.2% (36/37)

    Menu (Secondary)
  • Ships (Previews) : 23.1% (16/69) [5/23]
  • Tracks (Previews) : 100% (96/96) [32/32]
  • Skins (Previews) : 100% (155/155)
  • Skins :
    • Headers : 74.1% (23/31)
    • Backgrounds : 34.3% (11/32)
  • Others :
    • Music : 52% (13/25)
    • Teasers : 100% (3/3)
In Game :
  • HUD : 100% (6/6)
  • Tracks : 19.7% (439/2219)
  • Ships : 82.8% (285/344)
    • Standard : 100% (138/138)
    • VR : 13.3% (4/30)
    • LOD : 100% (43/43)
    • Wrecks : 75.1% (100/133)
  • Adverts : 5.6% (16/281)
  • Effects : ?% (28/??)
Current progress (last 3 updates):
Update #28 : All ships LOD added.
Update #29 : Track textures added.
Update #30 : Texture pack converted to ZIM, improves performance.

Availability :
Download at
Total size : 414 MB (PNG) / 431 MB (ZIM)

You can also check out the WipEout Pulse texture pack here.

Extras :
The downloadable contents of WipEout Pure were available for free and distributed on the official website, before its closure over ten years ago.
For convenience, the DLCs can be downloaded here :

The USA, Japan and Demo-exclusive ships were converted for use with the European version by thp, and can be downloaded on the author's website:
The ships are (USA / JP / Demo): Daxtinator, Havenzoomer, Guardian, Patriot, Cokestyle, WIRE05, Stealth.
A special cheat code must be enabled to disable signature check:
_C1 Remove DLC Signature Check
_L 0x200A6FC0 0x00000000
_L 0x200A70A0 0x00000000

Special thanks :
  • Everyone who contributed to PPSSPP. Thanks to all of you, we can enjoy PSP games in high-definition.
  • Studio Liverpool (ex-Psygnosis) for creating this amazing game series in the first place. Thanks for everything.
  • Unknown authors who made the Puma, Sci Fi and Coca-Cola vectors used in this pack.
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03-29-2020, 08:16 PM
Post: #2
RE: WipEout Pure - High-Definition UI [03/26/2020]
I rarely write here, but this is just amazing. The style of the (in)game graphics always scaled perfectly to higher resolutions, with you texture pack now the menu is also on par. Looks fantastic, thank you!
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03-29-2020, 09:52 PM
Post: #3
RE: WipEout Pure - High-Definition UI [03/26/2020]
I'm very grateful for your efforts man it looks amazing. keep at it. i know how difficult it is to upscale textures I'm currently doing my first texture pack as well.
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06-04-2020, 04:56 AM
Post: #4
RE: WipEout Pure - High-Definition UI [04/13/2020]
Wow this is absolutely AMAZING.

When you play with:
- 10x PSP Render Resolution
- Force 60 FPS cheat
- High-Definition UI

It truly feels like you're playing a "Wipeout Pure HD Remaster" on Steam.

Thanks a lot man. I hope you find some time to keep working on this project!
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10-05-2020, 07:15 PM
Post: #5
RE: WipEout Pure - High-Definition UI [06/06/2020]
Super good.

Makes me wanna do some work on optimizing replacement texture performance...
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