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Game compatibility feedback - help wanted
03-22-2020, 01:45 AM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2020 01:45 AM by [Unknown].)
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Game compatibility feedback - help wanted
Whenever anyone clicks "Report Feedback" in PPSSPP, their rating goes here:

Mainly, this gives everyone a chance to see what settings have and haven't worked for other people, if another disc CRC is working better, etc. PPSSPP will even automatically recommend settings changes (when you report it not working) if it finds something that might help.

I've made some updates to this recently, but I could use some help.

1. Sometimes people say a game doesn't run at all, but include a screenshot of it working (example: .) If anyone has an idea why, comments are appreciated.

2. In general, there's still a lot of games that either have no feedback or are marked as not running. If you have any of them, try them out and report that they work.

3. I've added "other versions" to games (example: .) Some of these had to be added manually, so if you know of any Japanese, Korean, European, US, etc. releases that aren't linked together (likely for having different names), that feedback would help improve this list.

4. I'm thinking of adding genres/tags/some other kind of filtering. What would people find useful? Does anyone want to help mark genres?

5. Do you have games not on this list? It only includes games someone has played in PPSSPP while reporting is on. I noticed a few games I have but rarely test were missing recently. Reporting games you have would fill out this list.

Not only does improving this list help people know if games work or find workarounds, but it also helps development: knowing which versions of a game are available, if there's a demo, etc. may help narrow down bugs.

Also some stats for those who have read this far:

Game versions by best reported status:
- 33% Perfect
- 11% Playable
- 5% Ingame
- 3% Menu only
- 5% Doesn't boot
- 43% Unreported

Reports by month:
- March 2020 to now: 5,580 (704 different games, +65 new games)
- February 2020: 6,835 (749 different games, +16 new games)
- January 2020: 6,910 (731 different games, +17 new games)

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