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Beaterator UI touch interface possible?
03-05-2020, 12:59 PM
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Lightbulb Beaterator UI touch interface possible?
Beaterator is a VERY underrated game.

SURE theres alot of cheese in there BUT the only real thing holding it back, was it's controls...

I actually downloaded PPSSPP to try and give Beaterator some new life.

The layout/User Interface of the game would lend itself perfectly to touch gestures (I have the Galaxy Tab S3) with a finger or stylus.

But ofcourse I'm pretty dull and didn't expect to still be tied to the regular psp gamepad controls...

Is there ANY WAY to make Beaterator work with touch gestures and use PPSSPP to make the game better than it was at release?!

I know it's probably WAY harder than I think. And I don't expect anyone to just magically pull out some code for this out of a hat BUT I'd be stupid NOT to ask right?

So any suggestions? Big Grin

Greets from NL,

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