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Games with Native Right Analog
02-28-2020, 07:32 AM
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Games with Native Right Analog
Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I used every possible search term I could with no luck before posting here.

The developer of "Adrenaline", the PSP emulator extension that runs on hacked PS Vita consoles, made a big discovery in 2017. He stumbled upon disabled hooks in GTA Vice City Stories for PSP that allowed for true native right analog stick camera control that the developers (Rockstar) had been using while the game was still being built. PSP dev units allow DualShock 3 controllers to be connected to them, so they made use of it during the dev phase.

Since the PS Vita hardware had a second analog stick - unlike the PSP, he wrote a PSP plugin that tapped into this disabled control in game, and remapped it. GTA was only the beginning, as soon after a growing list of PSP games was discovered that had native right analog stick support that was simply disabled, and plugins were made to add support for all these games:

Is this feature something that could be added to PPSSPP?
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02-28-2020, 01:17 PM
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RE: Games with Native Right Analog
Some CWCheats already exist for right analog support, and if you go to Settings > Controls > Control Mapping, there is a way to map to a right analog to take advantage of these cheats (I don't think it works without them).

A few examples of these CWCheats exist for the following games (you can find them by searching the CWCheat forum section, and possibly anywhere else online):
- GTA Liberty City Stories
- Coded Arms

Alternatively, you could also just map your D-Pad to your right analog as well, like so (using the + button next to each input):
[Image: 3Ygg2iS.png]

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