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Audio (left/ right) balance possible ?
10-23-2019, 07:45 AM (This post was last modified: 10-28-2019 04:38 PM by dazemu.)
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Audio (left/ right) balance possible ?

Many phones support stereo-audio but suffer from not having 2 identical speakers (misusing the crappy earpiece) so the panorama is not really well-balanced.

I made a little .dsp for Retroarch and it works - perfectly centered panorama on my OP7t and prolly many other devices using a 2nd speaker:

filters = 1
filter0 = panning
panning_left_mix = "1.0 0.0"
panning_right_mix = "0.0 0.55"

Too bad the ppsspp-core crashes a lot (on exit at least) and isn't as fast as the standalone version. Android 10 has an audio-balance setting now (at least on my device) BUT PPSSPP doesn't make use of it. I guess it's not routing audio through the respective mixerpath ...

So I wonder if it's possible to change the audio-balance in the standalone version ?
I didn't find any .ini settings though.

Could a simple balance-slider (or just an .ini setting) be added to the standalone-version ?

- added to feature-requests.
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