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High GPUs usage no game running
08-27-2019, 02:08 PM
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High GPUs usage no game running
Hello everybody! I'm new here and I'm not a gamer or a PC expert so I'm sorry if I say something wrong. I have a question: when I start the program, even if I don't open any game, it uses around 20% of the integrated GPU and 30% of the GPU, (CPU is ok, always less than 10%), when I open a game the GPU usage rises up to 70% about (with the fastest settings) and then when I pause it the GPUs' usage goes back to 20% and 30% steadily. Is this supposed to happen? What is it using GPUs for if it's not running any game? I know I don't have a high performance PC (intel core i5-8250U, nvidia geforce 940mx) but I don't understand why it uses a so many resouces just to keep the program open. I think it should not be a problem to emulate PSP since I can emulate quite smoothly PS2 and I've seen slower PC than mine emulating PSP with no problem. I suppose there is something wrong with my hardware or my settings, even though I tried to change the settings in several ways and nothing changed. Does anybody know what is the problem and if there is a solution? Maybe that's just the way the program works so I'm sorry if I said something wrong, still a great emulator!
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