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Char Display Issues
04-01-2019, 01:15 AM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2019 01:41 AM by ItsA_PsPN00b.)
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Char Display Issues
Hey guys!
I don't know if this is the right website to post on, but can you guys help me with something? I have played a lot of fighting games, and that includes Soul Calibur and UFC Undisputed 2010. And I like these two games particularly because I get to create my own characters and play as them. The only thing is, there is an issue. Soul Calibur's character creation works fine, and the character's image displays perfectly. But when it comes to UFC Undisputed 2010, the character gets created but his image doesn't display on the fight cards(i dunno if thats what you're supposed to call it, but im talking about the part where the fighter's stats are viewed like 'Stefan Struve vs. Frank Mir'). Can you please help me?

Forgive me if my english isn't great... especially my grammar.

Edit: oh, i almost forgot... im using an android phone (Samsung J7) running the dev build v1.8.0-61-g8220a348b.

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