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Emuparadise shutting down
08-11-2018, 02:06 PM
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Emuparadise shutting down
I was about to search a new game to play so I go to Emuparadise. As soon as i clicked the download link, It says the game is already unavailable and there is a questionn mark (?) beside it and it directs you to the website developer's letter about emuparadise will not be able to distribute anymore classic roms, isos etc because some game developers file a lawsuit against them. What are your thoughts about this?
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08-11-2018, 05:09 PM
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RE: Emuparadise shutting down
The internet is filled with peoples opinions on this.

I personally think its shitty.

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08-11-2018, 09:04 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2018 09:29 PM by ZeroX4.)
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RE: Emuparadise shutting down
in short of it its bad but not for games but for economy if you care read below why

im kinda old and i still play old games and i dont like new ones
counter strike, medal of honor, fifa, need for speed, witcher, god of war, fortnite, wow, lol, assasins creed and so go on...
are just not my type of games
i grew up playing with drastically different games even more at my time games had something called shareware versions which were just demos
for example shareware version of game had only ONE level and ONE boss in it where after u beat it you got slapped in a face with info that you are playing shareware/demo version
and full version have like 20 more levels 5 more bosses and 3 extra weapons + hard and very hard difficulty mode
but im telling you that because i was able to LEGALLY download, copy from friends hdd or even burn on cd and give to someone else the shareware/demo version of the game
this way i could check is game worth my money do i like music do i like graphic will i play it or is it trash and most important will my pc will run the game and is the game working correctly

i have cousin 10 years younger from me who actually plays all that mainstream shit and allot of that games he in fact did buy and im wtf? are u retarded? why u buy that shit u will play it once and then u wont ever touch it again

and he said to me look 1st i download cracked version from torrents i check if its ok and then if i like the game and i know i gonna come back to it even after i completed it i buy it
if not i just complete it and never download it again

and after that conversation with him some time passed and i come upon some video on youtube where guy was talking about that hawaii wants to ban all games with lootboxes and stuff like that since this is not just a game its simple gambling since it involves real world money

but 1 more thing was mentioned there and it was about piracy

and what i heard was shocking to me and it was that piracy in fact does not make developers lose money on the contrary in most of cases it gives them bigger profit
u ask why? well in short of it turns out most of the ppls who pirate games are ppls that wont gonna buy it anyway cause its waste of money for them or they are too poor to afford them
but others are doing exact same thing that my cousin does they download cracked version to check if they like it and if they do they buy original copy if not then they delete it anyway

u know 2 bucks for game is not worth pirating it
60$+15$ for expansion is worth pirating it to check if you gonna get your money worth

and dont get me wrong i would love to live in a world where i can pay someone for that he made something that make my time enjoyable
but not when its like someone tells me hey trow me 60 bucks i give u something
like wtf?

other thing is we often want game console just to play 2 or 4 games on it
like for example i wanted ps vita just to play ys memories of celeceta
and u think what? did i buy console which cost allot money to me which i will never use again just to play 1 game which i also need to buy?
i waited long enough and now its on steam

but some ppls wont wait some ppls want it now and other ppls are making living out of it
other thing is that i believe that we should pay for someones work no matter what but would u like to hire artist to make ur portrait and pay him in advance lets say 60$ for it to find out u on that portrait look like shit?
or that he would make a just a sketch and he is now like ok trow 20$ more and i will add colors
like wtf dude?

well probably no so then why we do exact thing with games?

other thing is i remember age of minecraft and someone asked on minecraft forum why ppl from EU pirate games so much
so in short i made little calculation using google as source of information
in USA
1 box of marlboro (cigarettes) costs 14$
1 bread (normal simple bread for breakfast) costs 2,50$
1 AAA game costs 60$

so in other words in USA i have choice between buying
one triple A game
or lets say 4 boxes of marlboro
or 24 breads

my currency is called zl
1 marlboro box is worth 16zl
bread is worth 1,5zl
and AAA game is worth around 300zl
in other words either i buy triple A game
or 20 boxes of marlboro (little less)
or 200 breads

so again in USA
1 game or 4 marlboro boxes or 24 breads
in my country
1 game or 20 marlboro boxes or 200 breads

im from poand which is in europe
any1 here still care to ask why ppl from EU pirate so much?

so in the end after writing all that only thing i can say in my personal opinion we should pay for what we like even if we pirate game and we like it nothing is preventing us from buying it
but on other hand game developers got what they deserve
for selling shitty games that on trailers looks like something better than they are
and being too greedy

but we talk about console games? right? relax everything stated above works for console games too
and end for consoles will be like that group of ppl will gather all will contribute money for 1 copy of a game to swap play it between them selfs and game developers will get even less money than they want

so in the end game developers make to them selfs more harm than emuparadise made them or any other game or rom hosting site
its sad they making witch hunt for them
why not put that effort in making better and more accessible content? which would lead into lowering price and fixing piracy issue?

nah they want their money big and they want it now which will lead into their own failure
maybe im right maybe im wrong but tell me do you remember any case where greed did lead into something better? i sure dont

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