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Issues with ingame saving and random black screens [lr-PPSSPP]
05-31-2018, 06:45 AM
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Issues with ingame saving and random black screens [lr-PPSSPP]
Hello I have been having some trouble with PPSSPP and was wondering if anyone else has had the same kind of problems or know how to diagnose what is going wrong.

I am currently using build 1.5.4 of lr-PPSSPP on my raspberry pi 3 installed via retropie.
I have also tried the non lr version with the same results.

I can load games fine but the problem I am having is when I try to save a game using the ingame save feature the game instantly closes when the save button is pressed, Also in the menus in some games there are black screens which wait for user input you cannot see anything onscreen but if you press some buttons the game continues onto the next screen.

Has anyone had problems similar too this I am pretty sure I have the assets installed correctly etc.

Does PPSSPP save an error log or something somewhere where I can check what the cause of the games closing on save is.

Thanks in advance
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