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DJMAX suddenly switch to mono sound problem
03-06-2018, 04:29 PM
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DJMAX suddenly switch to mono sound problem
I have recently encountered this problem that had never occur before. While playing Djmax clazziquai and portable 3, the sound felt like it's missing some sound/channel, the lower bass are mostly gone. I Google it and see that on psp the game have like a mono sound output for PSP e1000. Why did my emu certainly have this problem ?I didn't have this problem before and even after switching to different version and change the psp version problem still exist?? This is only for DJMAX games, no other games have this proble.. another person on gamefaq have this similar problem and I think we share the same problem Is there a way to trick the game to switch back to stereo ??

So I found more about this problem, according to the gamefaq link in question the game have 2 audio track One audio track is quieter than the other Not sure why it become a thing after many years of playing just fine??
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