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Room Lag in Final Fantasy III
02-10-2018, 01:46 AM
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Room Lag in Final Fantasy III
I've posted this on the Github, but figure I'll ask here too:

When I move from room to room for the first time, including entering new areas from the overworld, or entering new buildings in a town, the game seems to briefly stop, including the music cutting out for a split second. Once I've been in a room, I can re-enter it instantaneously until the game has been turned off. This also happens during battles if I have not been in that battle area yet, and when cutscenes start. It's minor but irritating.

I've included a video that includes my settings, as well as the issue. I don't happen to be near a town at the moment, which is where it's the worst, but you can still get the idea from the room transitions as well as the entry to battle at the end. Like I said, not major, but it's annoying.

I apologize for not having a direct capture, but I only use this system for games and have no such software installed. Hopefully this is sufficient to see the issue.

i5-7500T, 8GB DDR4 RAM, GTX 1060
Running Windows 10
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