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VSync not working with Windows Aero off
08-21-2017, 01:56 AM
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VSync not working with Windows Aero off
Hey everyone, so I'm using the latest PPSSPP build (1.4.2) on Windows 7 64bit using a Radeon R9 270x, all fully updated. I'm noticing that when I have Windows Aero enabled VSync works great, but when it's disabled I get awful screen tearing even with VSync enabled in the PPSSPP settings. I'm assuming that this is because the program runs in Windowed/Fullscreen Windowed modes and doesn't have an "Exclusive Fullscreen" option. I know that I could just run the program with Aero enabled, but I'm attempting to stream and need to turn Aero off to get the smoothest picture with my streaming software. Does anyone know of a workaround to get Vsync to work with Aero disabled, or if there's going to be an "Exclusive Fullscreen" option added to the program in the future so that Aero settings are disregarded completely? Thanks so much for any information that you guys can throw me way.
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