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Frontier Gate Boost+
06-04-2017, 04:23 PM
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Frontier Gate Boost+
My friend and I experience a weird bug while playing Frontier Gate Boost. Every single time one of us hosts a game, the other person joins and the session gets started, the guest gets disconnected and the host gets teleported into a very weird area.
It's a wasteland with a tent, the Guildmaster standing in front of it, giving you three different dialogue options and another girl, also giving you three dialogue options. None of them seem to do anything. The area has one exit that leads to a piece of forest area. That area has two exits, but both of them lead right back to that wasteland.

It is a very weird bug, as it's not like a disconnect, at least not for the host. But the area seems to keep you stuck without escape. The game is listed on the Ad-hoc compatibility list as working. We tried PPSSPP with Hamachi (as on the list) and version 1.3 with OpenVPN, but both lead to the same issue, no matter who hosts.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and can maybe help us? If it helps, I'm using Windows 7 and my friend's using Windows 8.1. Thanks in advance!
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